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By William K. Wolfrum

When Nov. 3 rolls around and all can agree that the pretend, grassroots “Tea Party Movement” is dead, it will have but one accomplishment listed on its headstone: “Made Arizonians Look Like Racist Jerks.”

Of course, the simple fact is that “Tea Party Movement” has mostly been DOA since inception, kept alive by the frantic CPR work done on it by the corporate media. Rarely in the history of American events  has a group of so few gathered so much media attention. Rarely has such an obvious scam permeated the minds of the American people. Rarely has an already-poor political discourse devolved into so many monkeys tossing feces.

Let’s get to the nut graph, here: The “Tea Party Movement” is a complete creation of a Republican Party that had destroyed its name and reputation so badly that they needed to rename a bunch of people and pretend they weren’t really Republicans. But the fact is, they all were or are. The “Tea Party Movement” is not grassroots. It is corporate. The Tea Party Movement is not bi-partisan. It is Republican. And the Tea Party – despite occasional flirtations from the likes of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich – has never been a political movement. It’s been a political sideshow.

And honestly, Republicans don’t have that much use for them anymore.

Coming off the embarrassment of the 2008 elections that saw Republicans lose in every way a party could conceivably lose, Republican strategists like Dick Armey needed to find a way to make it appear that everyone despised and feared Barack Obama. And he couldn’t use the Republican Party as a mouthpiece, because the nation had just overwhelmingly told them to take a hike. Luckily for Armey and the Republicans, there were large groups of fringe-Republicans, Libertarians and outright racists that were more than ready to join forces to fight the evil, illegal Black man who only won the 2008 election by 200 or so Electoral College votes.

Right from the beginning, the whole movement was just a large vat of stupid. Reporters would drop by, ask a few questions at a rally, and the stupid would just start flying out of the vat. And while the “Tea Party Movement” never slowed down in its stupidity, the reporters never stopped giving them the chance to have their stupid, stupid say.

For the health care reform debate, the “Tea Party Movement” was a perfect patsy for Republicans. They quite easily managed to convince Tea Party members that Obama’s health care plans would kill their grandmother, destroy the economy, and provide medical care only to those who voted for him. The Tea Party had found its vibe, for a moment in time.

Since then, however, it’s been all downhill, mostly because the “Movement” had grown into a bushel-full of organizations each with about two people involved, and each with its own agenda for cashing in on it. Heck, even Virginia Thomas – wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – started her own “Tea Party” organization and has raked in at least $550,000 in donations.

But on real issues, the “Tea Party Movement” has had as much to offer as an actual tea party. They can surely all get behind illegal immigration as a hot topic, even though, in all actuality, it’s not a hot topic at all. But it’s been a good chance to say out loud all the things they think and to hate on brown people.

For the “Tea Party Movement” all that’s left is infighting and lawsuits. Its political power – always overrated by a degree of 10 – is now next to nothing. Even Armey has advised Republican candidates to avoid the “Tea Party” label.

I’m aware that Tea Party defenders will crow about their effect on elections. But thus far, the effect has been minimal. If Tea Partiers want to claim Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts as a Tea Party victory, they can. But they’re drunk. And sure, a few Tea-Party-backed candidates won primaries, but this is an era of political backlash, which means that instead of the normal 93 percent of incumbents winning, we could see that number drop to 80 percent. And “Tea Parties” won’t have a damned thing to do with it.

Come November it will all be gone. When semi-sane American voters go to polls on Nov. 2 and deal horrific losses to Tea-Party favorites like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, the “Tea Party Movement” will go down in history as another race-baiting scam pulled off by leading politicians, perpetuated by the media and pushed by politically disenfranchised white people. The “Tea Party Movement” – which was never anywhere near as big as they tried to make it appear – will be gone.

And when that happens, let us just ask that the last one to leave the party turn off the hate.

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By: William K. Wolfrum

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