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Conservative Radio Station Polls Whether Muslims Should Be “Registered” In A “Time Of War”

San Diego radio station KFMB — which, like most talk radio stations in America, features only conservative hosts — had a survey on its home page (now removed), polling listeners with the question, “During a time of war should we register as many Muslims as we can find in a national database?” 

The options to answer were (a)No – it’s an invasion of privacy and (b)Yes – gun owners have to, why not Muslims?

So, not does the question feed into and help promote Islamophobia, it compares a religion to owning a gun. Oh, and for all the Constitution-loving conservatives, Congress hasn’t declared war, which is mandated in Article One, Section Eight, if you are going to call this “a time of war.”

Can you imagine if a radio station conducted the same poll, but instead of “Muslims” used the words “Christians” or “Jews”?

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