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Woman Gets Head Stomped On By Rand Paul Operative; Conservatives Blame Woman

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit referred to Lauren Valle as an “unhinged leftist who

“…stalk[ed] and trie[d] to harass a Republican leader,” adding that she “wasn’t counting on this reacting by Rand Paul supporters.” He comments, “Look for the state-run media to make her into some kind of saint by the end of the day” and adds, “Let’s hope Code Pink was watching.”

Sweetness and Light called Valle “a professional leftist,” a sobriquet clearly meant as an insult. Conservative Dana Loesch Tweeted: “So let me get this right. Another paid Soros activist tries to incite violence at debate, was restrained. MoveOn owes apology.”

And Rush Limbaugh added to the “blame the victim” mentality, calling her a “professional agitator…her head was not stepped on, her shoulders were, in what looked like an effort to help restrain her.”  Oh, I see, he was helping her. Right.  And how about this as a weasel way out: “Nobody’s condoning the manhandling of even a radical, liberal woman, or the rough handling or whatever.” How compassionate!

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