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Reactions to my posts vary, but I’m most amused by those who take the time to express their displeasure, and not always in the kindest of terms. Here are some recent Twitter replies.

Patrick GearPatrickGear Patrick Gear Re: Palin’s privacy. Once a credible liberal voice, now you’re acting like @MMFA with the cheap shots. RT @AlanColmes
Bruce PurmellDocBruceP Bruce Purmell @AlanColmes Your mind is a welfare state.

Charles BlakemoreChas_Blakemore Charles Blakemore @AlanColmes Soon, with a far left mentality, the whole nation will be a “welfare state.” By the way, Palin isn’t the governor any longer.
Aaron Garnaarongarn Aaron Garn @AlanColmes Alan, you’re a likable guy. Just astonishingly wrong about most everything. You’re like a caricature of a liberal or something.

Scott HubbertosPatriot Scott Hubbert How much money did George Soros pay @AlanColmes 2 B his mouthpiece?

Paul MullanPEMullan Paul Mullan@AlanColmes It’s really sad how much of a pathetic partisan you’ve become since your Hannity & Colmes days. Used to find you interesting.

Waterboarding 4 UWaterboarding4U Waterboarding 4 U .@AlanColmes WTF is wrong with your left eyebrow, Dude?

Michael mkbinla Michael @AlanColmes GET A LIFE LOSER………………#marxist #progressive #LIAR

Harry KatchmarVistaJake Harry Katchmar @AlanColmes With all your support for gays in the military, you shouldn’t knock Sarah’s cookies maybe you want to bake them yourself.
Internet PresidentiPOTUS Internet President @AlanColmes – It’s like each of you tweets is gleefully heralding the destruction &/or the deterioration of our nation. #tcot
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