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American Family Association Has Color Chart To Battle The War On Christmas

The American Family Association girded itself early to do battle against those evil, anti-Christian corporations that don’t care enough about America to honor its top religion. The conservative organization has color-coded companies based on how Christmas- (ie Christian-) friendly they are, as determined by whether they use the word “Christmas” in their advertising.

Criteria – AFA reviewed up to four areas to determine if a company was “Christmas-friendly” in their advertising: print media (newspaper inserts), broadcast media (radio/television), website and/or personal visits to the store. If a company’s ad has references to items associated with Christmas (trees, wreaths, lights, etc.), it was considered as an attempt to reach “Christmas” shoppers.

Companies selling a Christmas item without using the word “Christmas” are considered to be “censoring” the term.

Color Code:

GREEN: Company uses the term “Christmas” on a regular basis, we consider that company Christmas-friendly.

YELLOW: Company refers to Christmas infrequently, or in a single advertising medium, but not in others.

RED: Company may use “Christmas” sparingly in a single or unique product description, but as a company, does not recognize it.

Some of those horrible, anti-Christmas companies include: NASCAR, GAP Stores, Radio Shack and Victoria’s Secret. And if you feel you are in a store or doing business with a company that doesn’t honor the holiday by calling it what it is, the AFA wants you to report them.

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