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Here are some recent Tweets that came my way. Let’s celebrate the new civility.

On Newt being open to impeaching Obama:

montgomery frankcentercut333 montgomery frank @AlanColmes anything to get the sorriest president in American history out of office!

Jim Dealprjman Jim Deal @AlanColmes Honestly, he probably should be impeached for it. You might like his decision, but it does set a VERY dangerous precedent.

On my Saturday Fox News Watch appearance:

Cory Embersonpursueliberty Cory Emberson @foxnewswatch Pls no more @AlanColmes -takes away from exam of media coverage. Also, no one spit on John Lewis. Alan, stop saying that, pls

Paul MullanPEMullan Paul Mullan @AlanColmes you are just a massive case of #fail. Just FYI.

Paul MullanPEMullan Paul Mullan Good grief. MORE @AlanColmes on FNC? Way too much lib idiocy for me this week. @foxnewswatch never thought I’d say this,bring back @henican

This last guy seems obsessed with me.

chris ranochrisrano chris rano @AlanColmes like u when Hannity dumped u, right my friend. man u spew&interupt andrea tantarous, u did not even make any sense

Johnjmwalton1977 John @AlanColmes poor kid. still young enough to come to his senses. hopefully he hasn’t been brainwashed to the point

Yes please pray for me.

By: Alan

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