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Republicans Cheer Boehner When He Says He’s Preparing To Shut Down Government

While publicly declaring they don’t want a government shutdown, Republicans speak differently in private.

“Our goal is to avoid a shutdown,” a spokesman for Boehner said this week. Rep. Hal Rodgers (R-KY) — a powerful House budget negotiator who will attend the [White House] meeting –told ABC News yesterday that Republicans in Congress are “serious about trying to prevent a government shutdown.”

But privately, Republicans are singing a different tune, and look to blame Democrats if they can’t make a deal with their own right-wing tea party flank to reach a compromise.

House Republicans huddled late Monday and, according to a GOP aide, gave the speaker an ovation when he informed them that he was advising the House Administration Committee to begin preparing for a possible shutdown. That process includes alerting lawmakers and senior staff about which employees would not report to work if no agreement is reached.

Of course, a government shutdown would adversely affect those who need government most: the elderly, the sick, and the poor. Oh, and how will Republicans explain not paying our military?

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