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by toma

Our conservative friends continue to act bizarrely in the wake (hah) of the Navy SEALs strike against Osama bin Laden. They’re angered and given to lecture everyone about something, but it’s largely mysterious what that actual thing is. Perhaps they feel lonely? They’re feeling left out of all the spontaneous expressions of relief, if not joy, at the dispatch of historic evil?

Rep. Steve King would remind you of how kewl Bush torture is . .

. . because that’s how they finished Osama (in barely 40 minutes!). Pork soda, to boot — those Special Forces kids, what jokers. No?

Other right-siders are angry about THE PHOTOS. Well, mister president? HMM?

It’s good to pretend Obama is lame while the nation’s appreciating his competency. A fine strategy. A competent strategy.

Daily Caller’s Mike Riggs figures he owns ’em, so where are they?

Think of all the missile silo and military installation photos that will have to be published now. Thanks Mike, what a blow for lethal transparency.

Sarah Palin, of course, is Sarah Palin . .

Talking Points Memo’s Benjy Sarlin figured he’d answer that:

And then, well . . there’s Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli:

I ain’t going there. A virtual prize for the first person that can explain either Ken’s meaning or his massive glitch. Yuck.

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