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Mitch McConnell In 1990: The Rich Should “Pay Their Fair Share” And We Should Protect Medicare

In a 1990 campaign ad, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “Everyone should pay their fair share, even the rich.”

“A twist of untraditional Republicanism is added to McConnell’s message when he says, ‘Unlike some folks around here, I think everyone should pay their fair share, including the rich. We need to protect seniors from Medicare cuts too,’” wrote Roll Call reporter Steve Lilienthal. “After proclaiming his independence from the President and Congressional leaders, McConnell reassures voters that he will back a ‘fair deal for the working families of Kentucky.’” [“Democrats Flood Airwaves Charging GOP Party of Rich,” Roll Call, 11/5/1990]

So, is McConnell’s newly found intransigence driven by his one main desire, to see President Obama defeated?

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