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William Gheen: Violent, Illegal Activities May Be Needed To Bring Down Obama (UPDATED)

William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration says he now refers to the president as “Dictator Obama” rather than “President Obama.”

We’re no longer referring to him as President Barack Obama, our national organization has made the decision and made the announcement we now refer to him as Dictator Barack Obama. That’s what he is. And basically at this point, if you’re looking for a peaceful, political recourse there really isn’t one that we can think of, and I’m really not sure what to tell people out there than I guess they need to make decisions soon to just accept whatever comes next or some type of extra-political activities that I can’t really talk about because they’re all illegal and violent.

UPDATE: Mr. Gheen appeared on my radio show Tuesday night to clarify his comments and says he favors peaceful solutions and does not support violence or illegal activities to “bring down Obama.” The full interview will be published here Wednesday.

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