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Chris Christie Thinks Obama Had Filibuster-Proof Majority For Two Years. He’s Wrong

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie believes President Obama had a filibuster-proof majority for two years. Tommy Christopher does the math to show it’s not true.

It takes 60 votes to overcome a filibuster in the US Senate, which is now the default to get pretty much anything done…the Democrats didn’t reach that 60-seat threshold in the Senate until Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) was sworn in on July 7, 2009. They lost that majority upon the swearing-in of Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) on Feb. 4, 2010, just under seven months later. While state politician Christie can possibly be forgiven such an error, someone with Joe Scarborough’s reach and influence ought to have better than a 71% margin of error

As Mother Jones‘ Kevin Drum points out, though, the actual amount of time the Democrats held a filibuster-proof majority, when you factor in the late Sen. Ted Kennedy‘s illness and the winter recess, amounts to 14 weeks.

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