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Growing Concern That Iran Military Strike Likely

Obama administration officials are increasingly concerned that sanctions won’t work. …there is a strong current of opinion within the administration – including in the Pentagon and the state department – that believes sanctions are doomed to fail, and that their principal use now is in delaying Israeli military action, as well as reassuring Europe that […]

Chelsea Clinton is expected to stay with NBC after her 90-day deal expires, according to the New York Post. …sources tell us NBC plans to keep her involved with the network. It is believed that the deal will keep Chelsea providing…reports for “Rock Center.” A representative for Clinton didn’t get back to us, and NBC […]

Gay Marriage Update

Think Progress has a state-by-state rundown of where it stands.

Ex-husband Bobby Brown left Whitney Houston’s funeral shortly after he arrived, described as “visibly upset.” According to a person familiar with the situation, Brown brought an entourage of nine people with him to the Newark church and wanted them to sit with them in the family section. “They were asked to leave,” the person said, […]

Tempers flared outside the Baptist church. As three limos pulled out of the funeral home with a police escort fans were pushed away and moved up the street behind barricades. According to CBS 2’s Christine Sloan, that’s when tempers started to flare. “I’m a taxpayer in the city … born and raised in this city […]

According to the Phoenix New Times, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, a staunch, conservative, anti-illegal immigrant enforcer, threatened his ex-lover with deportation when the man, identified only as “Jose,” refused to promise non-disclosure of the relationship. The latest of the alleged threats were made through Babeu’s personal attorney, who’s also running the sheriff’s campaign for […]

by Stuart Shapiro With the Arizona primary one of the next two on the Republican calendar, immigration is certain to pop up again as an issue.  The two front runners, Governor Romney and Senator Santorum have been particularly hard line, coupling the usual rhetoric about an imaginary fence with threats to deport all illegal immigrants.  […]