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Submitted by Cheston Catalano Governor Bev Perdue told Chuck Todd banning gay marriage in her state will hurt the economy and the state’s image. “This is a big day for North Carolina. Chuck, this hurts our brand,” Perdue said. “Our state has been known around America and around the world as a progressive leader, as […]

Submitted by Cheston Catalano We heard for months that President Obama was responsible for rising gas prices. Now that they’re dropping, do those same people give him credit? After an almost uninterrupted rise since mid-January, average national retail gasoline prices have fallen 17 cents since April 4, according to the American Automobile Association. The $3.76 […]

by Stuart Shapiro Cate Jenkins was the first EPA official to warn of the dangers of the air at the World Trade Center ruins.  Was she rewarded for an insight that was later proven correct? Nope, she was harassed and finally, in 2010, fired.  This week she got her job back: A federal court ordered […]

by Stuart Shapiro When a student makes the mistake of asking me whether they should get a doctorate, I close the door and put on my most serious tone of voice.  After discussing the horrible academic  job market and the trend in academia toward hiring adjunct professors, I try to steer them back toward the […]

Cher has taken to Twitter to bash her political opponents. …this morning she let loose, with another impassioned tweet declaring, in haphazard capitals: ‘TOO HARSH ? Thats me Holding BACK! They care nothing about the POOR The OLD The SICK The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE !’

“As a candidate, to my understanding, he’s still deciding what his position on immigration is,” according to Bettina Inclan the RNC’s director of Hispanic outreach. Inclan was speaking at an RNC event unveiling six new regional staffers who will direct Hispanic outreach in swing states. But asked how the RNC will speak with Hispanic voters […]

Submitted by Cheston Catalano Get ready for cars that drive themselves. Google is one off several firms racing to develop cars able to drive themselves. It is competing with car manufacturers as well as military firms to develop the technology. The web giant’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has argued that the fact that current vehicles […]

Mitt Romney says the auto bailout was his doing. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee told a Cleveland television station on Monday that President Barack Obama followed his lead when he ushered auto companies through a managed bankruptcy soon after taking office. “I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and finally when that was done, […]

Submitted by Cheston Catalano Maurice Sendak, author of the dark children’s book Where the Wild Things Are among other accomplishments, suffered a stroke in Danbury, CT. …despite his varied resume, Sendak accepted — and embraced — the label “kiddie-book author.” “I write books as an old man, but in this country you have to be […]

Submitted by Cheston Catalano A new Gallup poll shows fifty Percent of Americans support legalizing same-sex marriage. The poll comes as North Carolina voters go to the polls on Tuesday to vote on a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and effectively ban same-sex marriage and […]

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