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Avoiding Bain questions:

Jim Acosta (CNN) @jimacostacnn: Romney campaign and Secret Service attempted to keep press off ropeline so no q’s to candidate on Bain

Kasie Hunt (AP) @kasie: Campaign staff and volunteers trying to physically prevent reporters from approaching the rope line to ask questions of Romney.

Sara Murray (WSJ) @SaraMurray: Press lead on the #Romney bus announces there will be no questions for the candidate today. “Isn’t that our decision?” a reporter asks.

Ginger Gibson (Politico) ‏@GingerGibson: Campaign staffer trying to block reporters from getting to rope line to tell questions. She’s generally being ignored.

Michael Barbaro (NYT) @mikiebarb: Romney campaign aide trying to block reporters from rope line now. Reporters refuse to leave.

Romney’s people now say this was “an error.”

By: Alan

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