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Akin Swings Obama To Missouri Lead

By: Sarah Betancourt

It looks like Missouri Representative Todd Akin’s controversial remarks on rape and pregnancy have turned the tide for President Obama in the Missouri polls. A day after last week’s comments, Romney led Obama by ten points, 52-42, according to Public Policy Polling. Rasmussen reports that Romney’s lead has disappeared since the remarks, with Obama leading 47-46%.

According to Business Insider, Akin has also widened his own loss. Incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill leads in the senatorial race, with  a 13-point swing in a matter of weeks.

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Sarah Betancourt is a Boston-based journalist who has written for In These Times, Open Media Boston, Spare Change News, Boston.com, the Boston Globe Environment Blog, and has had work appear in video on the National Geographic Water Currents Blog. She writes primarily about Boston politics, labor, Generation Y issues, and environmental policy.


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