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Obama Effigy With Words “Pray For Assassin”

It happened in Alabama, where “a Dale County resident had few qualms about placing an Obama effigy on their front porch along with the sign ‘”Pray 4 Assassin’.”  The Secret Service is on it.

Clayton Slay, the resident agent in charge for southeast Alabama for the U.S. Secret Service, confirmed the U.S. Secret Service had been notified about the effigy by several organizations. He called it “currently under investigation,” based on the comments on the effigy.

“It can be indicative of threatening behavior. Effigies can connote a threatening tone. We take them very seriously, and are proactive in addressing those types of matters,” Slay said. “Honestly, until something is thoroughly investigated you don’t know the intent. We try to determine if there is a violation of the law, and even if it’s not we still have to look at it just to see if there’s an intent there.”

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