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Mayan Priest: “The World Will Not End”

Do not fear, end-timers, the world will be here December 22, 2012.

…priest Alfonso Ek says lately he’s being asked by curious non-Mayans about something he says has nothing to do with his people or their beliefs: the end of the world.

His response: “The world will not end.”

Thrill seekers, partyers and folks seeking spiritual experiences are pouring into the Yucatán Peninsula for the end of the centuries-long Mayan calendar that some believe predicted the end of the world Friday. The Mayan people here appear to be greeting the event serenely, with a sense of humor and bemusement.

…most people, says local museum guide Karla Chan Poot, “are receiving Dec. 21 with calm.

“People believe that they’re going to see a change, in humanity, in our thinking, that there should be a return to nature,” Chan says. “This won’t be anything like the world ending, or a meteor crashing, or extraterrestrials arriving,” or anything depicted in the popular culture or movies.

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