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Texas State Rep Introduces “Merry Christmas Bill” Because Son Decorated A “Holiday Tree”

Legislators-day-one_2Texas State Rep. Dwayne Bohac is upset that his first grade son came home to tell him his class had decorated a “holiday tree.” To help prevent this kind of atrocity from happening again, Bohac is introducing a “Merry Christmas bill.”

“It became apparent that the school was fearful of litigation,” Bohac recalled. “It was that moment that inspired me to file legislation that would provide students, parents, teachers and administrators a safe harbor for openly celebrating a federal holiday.”

…the Texas Association of School Boards…did provide schools with some common-sense guidelines to help them with issues that arise during the winter holidays.

In a document on its website, the association said that students are allowed to exchange gifts, cards and religious messages. It also advised that students may create religious symbols in their art, and religious music may be performed at school.

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