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North Korea (@uriminzok) Follows Only 3 On Twitter, Including Jimmy From Texas

@Jimmy Dushku is a 25-year-old international investor.

If one of these seems like it’s not like the other, that’s because it isn’t. Meet Jimmy Dushku, the last and only American whom North Korea still follows on Twitter. In fact, he’s the only active tweep it follows, as @qwertyvn and @Pyongyang_DPRK haven’t tweeted in months.

Dushku, who goes by the nicknames “Jimmer” and “Jammy” (for his love of Jammie Dodgers biscuits), is a 25-year-old independently wealthy investor from Austin, Texas, who projects an online image of himself that is, shall we say, larger-than-life. Having started a website development business at age 14, Dushku now has his money in construction projects in Europe, residential properties in Texas, and mining and agriculture in Brazil and Peru. When he’s not globetrotting on Falcon 50s or other private jets, you can find him playing Rachmaninoff on his piano, riding his Ducati Monster, giving marketing tips to friends, and swinging by charity events.

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