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Steals Truck And Races To Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding To Try To Stop It

A Utah man allegedly stole a truck to get to the nuptials on time–to try to stop his ex from getting married.

Despite his dramatic move, Andrew Curtis was rebuffed last Friday by his ex, who “told him to leave.” He then departed her residence in the stolen Chevy pickup truck, which he subsequently crashed in a church parking lot.

According to a probable cause declaration, Curtis, 30, swiped a running truck from outside a construction firm in Salt Lake County. Curtis told cops that he had been waiting at a 7-Eleven for a friend to give him a lift to his ex-girlfriend’s home, but that his ride never materialized. So he took the Chevy because he “couldn’t allow his girlfriend to go through with the marriage.”

Dustin Hoffman had better luck in “The Graduate”.


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