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Melanie Anderson, a receptionist at a Scottish oil company, mistakenly sent a series of raunchy emails with her fiance´ and coworker, Eric Knisz, to the entire office.

Anderson sent out a quick note to her coworker to inform them of the sandwich van’s arrival, but in a flub to end all flubs, she inadvertently included the entire chain of X-rated emails she and Knisz had sent each other…

Soon enough the chain made the inevitable leap from oil company listservs to Twitter, where it was mocked with the hashtag #sandwichvan.

A human resources rep at ISS released a statement saying the couple was “absolutely mortified” and “apologize for any offense caused,” but it seems the shame was overwhelming.

According to Aberdeen-based BBC correspondent Kevin Keane, the couple has since quit their jobs.

They plan to get married, though. They have to now, no?

By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.