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Don King Now Promoting–Chefs

The boxing promoter/legend is now pushing a former “Top Chef.”

81-year-old King was in Miami yesterday when he explained he had taken Chef Josie Smith-Malave under his wing … and is now rallying to get her another shot on the show … and better yet, her own fried chicken chain.

Chef Josie was recently eliminated from “Top Chef: Seattle” for an overspiced fried chicken recipe — but King tells us, “I feel she was unjustly relieved [from the show]. What we want to do is put her back. We want to vote her back in through the process.”

King — who spoke to Chef Josie for the first time last week — says he’s not doing this for the money … he’s just a fan of Josie’s cooking.

King adds, “Chef Josie is the people’s chef. She’s a master of culinary art for the people … Her food is ambrosia for the masses and the classes!”


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