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Challenged by the hosts of Fox and Friends, Chaffetz couldn’t defend the Republican view that the administration is hiding something about what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. The Accountability Review Board said the military could not have been there in a reasonable period of time.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Are you saying that admiral Pickering and Mullen are complicit because they did the review board? Are you saying that the CIA is complicit because they allowed their talking points to be edited? … What about Admiral Mullen and Pickering? Why would they sacrifice their reputation for a report that isn’t accurate? […]

STEVE DOOCY: Congressman, it sounds like what you’ve described, it sounds like there has been a cover-up, but what were they trying to cover up? […]

GRETCHEN CARLSON: But Congressman, it’s an interesting question because it does involve so many high-level people. You had the former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta — who was revered by both sides of the fence — coming out and saying, ‘hey, we couldn’t have gotten anybody there.’ So you have him on the line. You have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, President Obama, Admiral Mullen. Would all of these people go to bat just to get President Obama reelected?

KILMEADE: What about David Petraeus?

Chaffetz also had no answer when Doocy asked, “What were they trying to cover up?”

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