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Ted Nugent Working For GOP Candidate Helps Wendy Davis Raise Money

While Ted Nugent campaigns for Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis is collecting money.

…an email with the subject line “outrageous,” Davis says Abbott had embraced “an admitted predator who takes advantage of young girls, and calls successful women vulgar and disgusting names.”

“Ted Nugent calls Greg Abbott his ‘blood brother.’ I call their alliance repulsive,” Davis says in the email. “I find Ted Nugent disgusting, and I find it disgusting that Greg Abbott is sharing a stage with him.”

Nugent, an outspoken gun rights advocate, has described other female politicians as “varmints,” “fat pigs” and “dirty whores.”

Davis is asking for a $5 donation toward a February fundraising goal of $300,000 from supporters to “send a strong message” to Abbott about the decision to campaign with Nugent.

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