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I pressed Dr. Carson on birthers and those who say President Obama is a secret Muslim. Is this racist? Carson said there are questions about the president, like his academic record, that need to be answered, but didn’t go birther on me.

By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • arc99

    The only “questions” about the President’s background are in the delusions of right wing ideologues.

    Just goes to show you that stupidity is color-blind. I wanted to see if Dr. Carson would pursue a possible candidacy based on actual issues and legitimate disagreement on economic and foreign policy which is best for our country.

    He could have said, look Alan, I don’t think the personal stuff about the President is “racist” but anyone serious about governing our country needs to ignore the conspiracy theory side show.

    But instead, he carves out his own niche of the crazy which will no doubt burnish is right wing bona fides on the far right. For me, the rest of America, especially the black community, this interview is confirmation that Dr. Carson is destined to be nothing more than a slightly more sane version of Alan Keyes.

    • granpa.usthai

      just had a terrible thought, arc:

      what if the GOP makes up with Governor Gary Johnson (X-R) New Mexico?

    • jamduv

      With all the hype on the Right about Dr. Carson, I was really hoping he would exude more political intelligence other than that displayed in the Alan Colmes interview. Instead he chose to bite on the inane drivel we are subjected to from the Right such as the President’s academic credentials. I doubt that Dr. Carson would be a viable presidential candidate.

  • Most are suspicious of creationist neurosurgeon Carson’s god complex. A birther who was fired or suddenly retired in 2013 after his career snapped from selling 6,000 year old earth & universe BS to the far right. He now crows about ‘all of the (CPAC) crowds.’ The delusional’s will follow anybody who tells them what they want to hear at a prayer breakfast, praises birthers and throws in a few Hallelujah’s.

    • Tina Mallory

      Ridiculous liberal tactics like yours will not work against Dr. Carson. He is one of the smartest people on the planet and nothing you say can change that. If you think most people are suspicious of this world-renown hero, or that he was fired, or that he had to “sell” an age-old idea about the earth to anyone, then you are the one who is delusional. Have you watched the speech at the prayer breakfast? If so, please tell us exactly what part you disagree with? Is it tax equality, fiscal responsibility, listening to both the right and left to find solutions, or what?

      • arc99

        so tell us, since you criticize Obe, exactly who on the left would you consider among the smartest people on the planet, or is that honor reserved only for people whose opinions you agree with?

        • At a minimum, I would at least want to know the earth is more than 6,000 years old. Let’s just say I’ll start there.

          • Shades

            I best Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson blows their minds. I picture their kids hiding under the blankets at night watching it on their smart phones.

            • gocart mozart

              I bet you would believe the earth is flat if Fox told you to believe it.

              • Shades

                Excuse me. Did you direct that to me or Tina?

      • Shades

        Too late Tina. He gave it all up for a tea party.

      • Many laugh at gullible Carson’s scientific illiteracy & how he could remain so uninformed regarding “questions about the president, like his academic record,” E. g. Barack Obama P.h.D. graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991, with a JD (Juris Doctor within the top 10% of his class as a Phi Beta Kappa!

        “Where did (Obama) apply from?”-Ben Carson in Alan’s above interview proves why he’s only renown in the Wing Nut Daily birther bubble. He’s still taken in by obvious WND frauds: Claim: A 1981 Columbia University student ID card identifies Barack Obama as a foreign student named Barry Soetoro.-False! “it’s simply an altered version of a Columbia University ID card issued to another student (Thomas Lugert of Germany) in1998:”

        As Arc99 & Carla Akins hint at; How could our 4.51 bn year old Earth & 13.77 bn year old universe be 6,000 years old? Most know 30,000 year+ old cave paintings are older than Carson’s Bable claims and: -Discovery of 13.6 Billion Year Old Star Destroys Creationsts’ Theory Of Universe’s Age. Boom!

      • gocart mozart

        Any one who says that the earth is 6000 yrs old is either ignorant, stupid or a liar.

  • Budda

    “Some people..” Who’s that? You and Cliven Bundy?

  • bill0

    Alan, by bringing up his college records, and suggesting that Obama’s full name is a reason someone might be suspicious, he went birther on you.

  • labman57

    And yet another tea-chugging political wannabe suckles at the delusional, Obama-phobic, conspiracy-theorist’s teat.