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If God wants him to, and he might, Herman Cain says, he’ll throw his hat in the 2016 presidential ring.

“I do not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future. And I trust in God,” the Georgia restauranteur said at the annual Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, as quoted by the Washington Post.

Before dismissing Cain’s suggestion as nothing more than his run of the mill antics, it’s worth noting that he also hinted at a presidential run before the same crowd in 2010.

If he does decide to run again, Cain would likely face fresh scrutiny over multiple allegations of sexual harassment at the National Restaurant Association, not to mention his infamous “9-9-9” plan that one study found would have raised taxes on 84 percent of Americans.

By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • EnuffBull

    (Sung to the tune of the old Ken-L-Ration jingle)

    My god is better than your god.
    My god is better than yours.
    My god is better ’cause
    He doesn’t endorse politics
    My god is better than yours.

    • Shades

      After that brilliant post, I’ve got nuthin’.

  • Budda

    No, Herman. I spoke with god last night and she assured me that she does not want you to run again.

  • Jake

    Did he see god’s face in a slice of pizza again?

  • chair jackson

    god may want him to run again, because even god likes a good joke.

  • William

    Go for it Herman. Last time God was just kidding. You can take a joke right? This time he really REALLY wants you to run.

  • Mike N.

    Too bad God doesn’t want him to make a good pizza. At least his God told Chick-Fil-A how to make a tasty chicken sandwich.

  • You have to admit, the Republicans have the best side show.

  • newtosf921

    why can’t God tell Mr. Cain NOT to run again???!!?!?!?

  • maccamcfc

    That’s what amazes me about America is that a failure like Cain can make a living at it and the people buy into this nonsense.

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    The word is “restaurateur.” Go to the back of the class where you will be joined by Herman Cain.

  • God sure tells a lot of idiots to run.
    And then they lose.
    I think God’s a troll.

  • memfisman

    I want him to run too. It’s been a while since the clown car team has been together. Please run, Herm, and see if you can get that old Hitler scholar, Allen West, to run as well.

  • EyeWonderY

    You people are racist. You just don’t like him because he’s black.

    Well hey, I’m just using your libtarded excuses whenever someone disagrees or criticizes your beloved messiah obama. Liberals are whacked out.