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Tea Party hero Victoria Jackson linked to a satirical/fake news site then presented it as a fact. Jackson wrote about our evil Muslim President celebrating the Fourth of July at “a mosque” and she further added that he will “host Muslim leaders at the White House” on Independence Day.

Jackson declared, “Obama continues to slap America in the face and spit on her. I am outraged. If you’re not, you are uninformed.”

Victoria  Jackson totally not drunk (image: The Blaze)

Victoria Jackson totally not drunk (image: The Blaze)

The National Report’s satirical post is inundated with outraged Conservatives in the comments who demand  the Usurper be tossed out of America, dammit.

Ruh roh, here comes the Punisher and he’s going all Republican caps on us:

This is how Obama conspiracy theories start. Watch how rapidly this circulates.


Then this guy happened along and ruined everything.

  • Skip Tilley

    They believed this simply because they wanted to believe it, they are hateful Racist

    • Solid Liberal

      No one has ever accused conservatives of being smart or capable of critical thought.

  • George Butel

    Please ask Miguel not to insult dimwits in the future. To be compared with Victoria Jackson probably has all the dimwits in the world up in arms. Dimwits are in a totally different class than Victoria Jackson, whose intellect is far dimmer than any that can be measured by science. At least dimwits possess intelligence to which a positive integral value can be assigned.

  • maggie33

    These ignorant righties are pathetic. I’d feel sorry for them if I didn’t despise them so much. Disgusting ignorant right wing hillbillies.

    • Jessica Neubauer

      S**t, they straight up scare me.

  • Terry Ray Anderson

    Out of curiosity, I went to the “national Report” article and read it. It was funny, until I read the comments below; what a bunch of FOXtards! It’s kind of scary…

  • Jessica Neubauer

    I guess it would have been funny. If I didn’t know that there are conservatives out there STILL thinking this is a fact.
    I sometimes wonder about these satire sites. This was irresponsible or deliberate.
    Either way, it did a lot of damage for a few laughs.

    • LightningJoe

      ” If I didn’t know that there are conservatives out there STILL thinking this is a fact.”

      That’s why she fell for it, because she already “knew” it was true. She was just so excited to find the “evidence” (anything on a link, is “evidence” to a T-Bagger — um, unless it’s on a Liberal link…).

    • Laylla

      You would be disgusted at how many there are.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Nothing funnier that watching the derp flow freely from the minds of the ignorant. This proves what I have said all along. The reason that shows on Fox News get higher ratings than shows on MSNBC is because those on the right need to be spoon fed the thing they need to be outraged about today, and they take it as gospel. Don’t bother fact checking. Morons.

    • I don’t watch Fox news. See wrong again.

      • Heywood Jablowme

        Not everyone does. I was pointing this out for those that do watch, or get their “information” from some other completely unreliable source, like for instance Victoria “Bat Shiat Crazy” Jackson.

  • Laylla

    It’s really sad when you get to a point where you can’t just say ” Yes, I’m American.” You need to clarify that you’re not THESE types of Americans.