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This week, Meet The Press host David Gregory upheld the journalistic tradition of giving voice to the voiceless, because when was the last time a mob of pissed-off bigots got their way?

On Sunday morning, Gregory doused himself with Derpentine™, lit a match, and interviewed Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson on the roiling immigration crisis that has clogged our immigration system with desperate children from Central America. Gregory’s questioning was heavy on Republican misinformation, and the full interview is everything you’d expect from a conflict-obsessed mainstream media journalist, but what really stood out was Gregory’s work on behalf of the racist assholes who screamed at busloads of women and children last week.

He began innocuously enough, asking Johnson, essentially, if these people are horrible racists, or is it possible they have a point. Obvious answer notwithstanding, it was a fair question to ask, if only to get Johnson on record with a hearty “Fuck yes, they’re horrible racists!”

That’s pretty much what Johnson said, as he told Gregory that “it is unfortunate to see that type of hostility directed at women and children on a bus, frankly. I do not believe that that band of individuals that you showed in your lead-in reflects Murrieta, California. And it certainly does not reflect the response we’ve seen across the southwest.”

It was Gregory’s followup, in which he pressed Johnson with the racist asshole side of the case, that was truly egregious, combining asshole advocacy with the aforementioned Republican misinformation.

But doesn’t it reflect frustration at the government — you’re the head of The Department of Homeland Security — for not doing more to protect the border, to enforce the nation’s laws with regard to turning migrants away who are coming illegally?

Johnson’s overly-generous response omitted the fundamental fact that this crisis has absolutely nothing to do with border security, since these children and families are, in fact, being apprehended, and if anything, it is the enforcement of the law that’s creating the bottleneck, as Central American children cannot, by law, simply be turned around and sent home immediately.

Johnson also generously elected not to point out that…READ MORE

By: Tommy Christopher

Tommy Christopher is The Daily Banter's White House Correspondent and Political Analyst. He's been a political reporter and liberal commentator since 2007, and has covered the White House since the beginning of the Obama administration, first for PoliticsDaily, and then for Mediaite. Christopher is a frequent guest on a variety of television, radio, and online programs, and was the villain in the documentaries The Audacity of Democracy and Hating Breitbart. He's also That Guy Who Live-Tweeted His Own Heart Attack, and the only person to have ever received public apologies from both Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

  • Guest

    They were just mad at the gov’t ,no racism here

  • How quickly we forget!

    • fahvel

      and methodically slaughtered their first hosts into virtual extinction – hell of a legacy for a usa that thinks so highly of itself.

    • m2old4bs

      Yup, the hypocrisy is astounding.

  • Ron Jackson

    They were just mad at the government,no racism here

    • fahvel

      what an incredibly memorable photo – and how simply pathetic that these same sick miserable attitudes survive the efforts of good people.

      • m2old4bs


  • crc3

    Gregory is one of the worst journalists in broadcasting today. When Tim Russert died in 2008 NBC picked the wrong person to fill his shoes. Gregory just seems lost most of the time and never challenges his guests on big issues…

  • Sunka

    Meet The Press is no longer worth watching. When Russert was the host it was the best Sunday talk show going. Gregory is no journalist. He just baby sits the table & allows guests to pump bs without interruption or legitimate debate. It’s likely his network approves of this or he would be gone.

  • tiredoftea

    Gregory is angling for an O’Reilly like spot on Fraud Spews.

  • Pistol-Packing

    besides my personal belief that David Gregory deserves to be in Jail for his “Magazine (Ammo) Stunt”in Washington DC. I dont hold a lot of respect for him. BUT, that being said, what is the driving force behind this mass immigration of UAC’s. Nothing has changed in these home countries. So what has changed here in the US?? Could it be, that they believe they will be given amnesty???

    And for all the news that keeps saying, that these laws were signed under Bush. Need to look into it a little further. The laws that were signed, dealt with Human Trafficking laws that actually stem all the way back to 1997, and have been revised several times. In addition, when the laws were revised, there was only an average of about 6700 children per year. That is now expected to be more then 10 fold.

    Here is a good read about what is going on:

  • voice_reason

    he is way past being an embarassment