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Costco, the second largest retailer in America, made the decision to pull Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book,  America: Imagine a World Without Her, from its shelves because it did not meet the threshold for sales items. So of course, wingnuts are losing their sh*t. How DARE Costco remove a book which isn’t selling?

However, if they had gone to Costco’s Facebook page, they would see the following which The Blaze writes  that the giant store “seemingly” responded:

Costco is not influenced by political considerations in selecting product for sale in our warehouses or on This includes our selection of books. Our book buyers are solely interested in book sales, and do not favor any political persuasion over another. Recently, after deciding to sell the book “America: Imagine the World Without Her”, beginning on June 1, a decision was made to pull the book from sale on July 1. This decision was based solely on the number of copies sold during that month, and had nothing to do with the content of the book.

Costco is not a book store. Our book shelf space is very limited. We exercise discipline in the best utilization of that limited space based solely on what our members are buying. We can’t carry every title that our members are interested in reading. We are constantly monitoring book sales, and make decisions to pull books off the shelves frequently based on sales volume to make room for other titles. Politics or controversy over content do not influence our decisions.

After we made the return, a documentary was released about the book. Since then there has been heightened interest by our membership base and brisk sales at locations still in stock. Therefore, we have made the decision to reorder the book. – Karen

You see, it will be back? No need to fret. You can still purchase one of Dinesh’s hate on Obama books at Costco.  That was not “seemingly” a response. That was direct information from Costco. You can tell because it says “Costco” at the top of the page on Facebook.

Still yet, one Facebook user wrote after Costco specifically said the book will be back on the shelves, “Stupid a-holes at Costco. Keep supporting the imposter and no one, even progressives will be able to afford to shop there.”

Another one reads, “Sorry Costco!! I will spend my money elsewhere!! For some reason I have a Sam’s membership and guess where my money is going?? Pulling this book because it was not selling is such a big bunch of BS!! How about Hiliary’s book?? Even Amazon is barely selling her stuff but they haven’t pulled the thing!! Censorship if censorship no matter how you describe it!!”

Actually, I would describe their move as a Free Market decision.

On Twitter.


It’s all Hillary’s fault.

A woman with bad grammar weighed in, naturally.


I’m not sure what this means, but it’s probably super-important.

Back to Hillary, because of course.

The biggest wingnut of all weighed in with a WorldNetDaily link.

I found this at Wonkette.


Go to Costco’s Facebook page and leave something kind. The wingnuts are attacking them.

H/T: The Blaze, Wonkette

  • Looks like the conservatives and their libertarian lapdogs are still artificially rigging the ratings on things, as their corporate overlords instructed them to in this video:

  • Dwendt44

    It seems Costco has bowed to the ranting and ravings of the right wing nut jobs and put this comic book back on it’s shelves. You can be sure that there will likely be no re-order for next month though as the right wing won’t be buying out the supply from Costco. They get theirs free from right wing web sites that bought in bulk for gifts to members.

    • ubecat

      the right wing nuts jobs want to put this great book back on the shelf and keep the insanity of the left alive, small as it is your communisht dimwith DWENDT44 does the mean summer when evil nitwits so their total insane blogging 44 times, this is what you really mean Dwendt44

    • Sabalom Glitz

      “Costco CEO Craig Jelinek told me this week that demand for my “America”
      book is so strong that they are going to have to limit purchases per
      family.” Now that’s Damn Capitalism and “pro choice” :)

  • cecilia

    wow..the paranoia runs deep with those wackos

  • Sabalom Glitz

    “Costco CEO Craig Jelinek told me this week that demand for my “America” book is so strong that they are going to have to limit purchases per family.” Well, so much for banning it. Damn Capitalism and “pro choice” :)