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This is what the Second Amendment was not created for: Assassinating the President of the United States or even joking about it.

Kathy Perkins, founder of Moms With Guns, shared this article on Facebook, and added, “Where is an assasin when you need one?” [sic] in reference to Obama.


Another Facebook user weighed in, “I know…I’m amazed it hasn’t happened yet.”

Kathy’s Twitter profile reads, “Moms With Guns Demand Action! We Demand the Right to Protect Ourselves and our Families. An Armed Society is a Safe Society.”

There’s nothing ‘polite’ about Kathy so her point is moot.

Obviously Kathy has issues with Moms Demand Action considering the lack of originality in her profile. The gun sense group doesn’t ponder shooting down the president or anyone else for that matter. Which one is more “polite”?

Here’s Kathy “educating” Girl Scouts when she was (or perhaps still is) part of “Come And Take It Take It Texas.”

Remember when being in the Girl Scouts meant something entirely different?

Kathy was also present at the Blue Mesa grill with an Open Carry group in Texas to stalk Moms Demand Action members while they were having lunch.

Kathy is on the right. The Moms group members are inside having the audacity to each lunch. 


Kathy Perkins testified at a hearing hosted by Craig Estes to expand Open Carry in Texas. This is why we can’t have nice things.

A post from their Facebook wall:

“An armed society is a safe society” was just debunked by Ms. Perkins.

Big thanks to a friend of mine out there for sending me the tip.

All images were obtained via social sites and shared/circulated thereby making them fair use. 

  • bw1

    stay classy armedmom


    She either had her sites removed or she took them down.

    OK. So who’s going to start the site where we can all post screen shots of other fearful, deranged, cowards calling for the assassination of the President?

    Roaches don’t like the light.

  • grayjohn

    Open carry scares people. Legal or not it scares people. I don’t mind, but that’s me.
    I don’t know if these guys are left wing gun haters out to start trouble, or just real gun owners with no judgement or awareness of the world around them, but it pisses me off that they behave this way. I don’t open carry. The first rule of carrying a legal weapon is: no one ever see’s it, or knows you have it. Open carry out in the sticks is one thing.
    But packing an AR-15 into a McDonalds is just idiotic. Anyway, too much hostility here toward rights. Enjoy. I’m out.

  • Mike

    Yes, they are a bad thing. Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, Stalin’s Russia. 10s of millions of people murdered by the state. Yes, they are both bad and they destroy the people and they always fail. They create a two class system, the elites or ruling class and everyone else. But I would not expect a liberal to live in reality.

    • Kuroda Kodi Kazuki

      Those aren’t true Communistic or Socialist states, and you know it. Just because they label themselves as such does not mean they are such. Communism in Russia was poisoned by the greedy desires of men like Stalin. The NA’ZI’s were fascist, just like every Conservative idealizes to be. And both were controlled by dictators. Nice try though.

      • Mike

        As I said, communism and socialism always fail and always will. Eventually you run out of other peoples’ money to play with and massive unrest starts and regimes fall. Again, you truly need to educate yourself on history because you and those like you want to repeat it again and again.