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While writing about the “lawless Barack Hussein Obama” Allen West explains why our sneaky POTUS is intentionally allowing children across our Southern border. West believes that Obama is trying to inundate red states with the refugee children in order to turn them blue.

West writes, “But as I’ve said before, I no longer believe it’s incompetence. It’s purposeful.”

These actions clearly show Obama’s priorities are not addressing what is afflicting Americans and our issues with security, crime, and violence. And be assured we’ll never hear from these 319 children who have been settled with “family members and sponsors.” What is even more disturbing is this — who medically cleared these children for dispersion into American society? And I also have to ask, is there a bit of conflict of interest that the Heartland Alliance is an organization that receives grants from HHS? And will the media — especially the mainstream media — look into this?

What will happen when these illegal immigrant children hit the schools this fall? And remember, we reported here a few months back how Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, another Chicago alumnus, and unscrupulous Attorney General Eric Holder stated they would prosecute any school district and superintendent not allowing illegal immigrant children to enter public schools. This is why I believe the whole immigrant surge is purposeful– not to mention the help wanted ad on a government website in January to hire escorts for unaccompanied illegal immigrant children.

As if that’s not crazy enough, he adds:

Hmm, let’s analyze this. Texas and Arizona have Republican Governors and are red states, and apparently President Obama has no interest in stemming the flow of illegals entering these two states. And don’t give me the “most deportations” lie. Obama and his demonic deceivers redefined the term deportation to include turning around folks at the border – people who never made it across in the first place. If assessed against the previous definition of deportation, Obama has one of the worst records.

Nebraska is another red state — could it be the liberal progressive objective is to begin altering the demographics there as well? And mighty interesting that the other two places where these illegal immigrant children may be settled, Chicago and Delaware, are the home states of the president and vice president. Those are facts, not conjecture or hyperbole, and certainly not conspiracy theory.

(my bold)

West, who holds no political office, adds, “My compassion is in the oath of office I took to support and defend the U.S. Constitution, and the people for whom it was created to serve as the rule of law.”

“Who is Barack Hussein Obama working for?,” he asks.

That’s easy. Barack Obama is the same man who won the presidential election and his re-election handily, thus defeating Allen West’s colleagues.

Commenters agree with Allen West:



  • tiredoftea

    I’m really getting tired of people leaking this stuff! How can Barack HUSSEIN Obama and the Illuminati overthrow those damned Republican Governors if they know of our plans??!!?? Whoever’s doing this better cut it out or the shape shifting Reptilians will find you and spin your brains out of your ears!

    • craig7120

      Shape shifting reptilians are real, David Iicke says so.

      • tiredoftea

        The result of actual, real, reptilian appliances spinning brain stuff into mush. It’;s a false flag kind of thing.

      • Margie Bateman Osgood

        I thought that was shape shifting Republicans………or was that Rush Limbaugh? Oh wait…………he’s just a shape that shifts, that’s different….

    • Kingminnie

      He wanted to get all the credit by beating Alex Jones. Alex Jones is pissed and will surface shortly. His version of the story will contain spit and sputter. So, better.

  • craig7120

    Dang it Mr West
    I guess I will have to go and physically vote now that our plan has been compromised.

  • NW10

    Allen West in a nutshell!

  • Jake

    If he’s doing it secretly how come Allen Dishonorable Discharge West knows about it.

  • Doesn’t Obummer have to sign an executive order creating no term limits before this plan is really beneficial to him?

    • Kingminnie

      Damn, leaking more secrets!

  • William

    How is the opinion of a disgraced ex soldier, and former politician even relevant or worthy of print?

    • tiredoftea

      Uhh, because the right wing media slime machine prefers faux outrage from pretend heroes to actual ones? Just a guess.

    • burqa

      If West said that it he should be repeatedly asked about it and Republican leaders should be asked till they take a hard position.
      For a Republican congressman, I would open by asking if these words would be taken down if uttered in the House or Senate chambers

  • burqa

    No illegal immigrants were needed to knock West out of the U.S. Congress.
    Nor were they required for him to be drummed out of the U.S. Army, keeping him from making general.

    He has only himself to blame for those outcomes, and an officer who lived the principles taught at West Point would not be so craven as to seek to duck responsibility and blame others for the consequences of one’s own boner.

  • Dwendt44

    Any person that passed high school civics knows that ‘illegal’ immigrants can’t vote. Even IF they get green cards, they still can’t vote.They can’t even apply to become citizens until they turn 18. Only then can they, if they are even interested, actually vote.

  • Disgraced Torturer West is afraid of little kids! 319 children who have been settled with “family members and sponsors.”-medically cleared by HHS. What will happen when these children hit the schools this fall? Gohmert’s terror babies will explode… Boom!

    • richardgrabman

      319 kids out of how many in the state of Illinois? And, considering they are both aliens and under 18, they’re not going to vote. What’s he afraid of, that his “ideology” (I almost wrote “idiocy”) won’t sell to these kids if they happen to become citizens and voters at some indefinite time in the future and those 319 votes are really going to tip the state into the “blue” column (I thought it already was).

      • dmcrane

        Well, you know their mother’s may be doing what the GOP claims the President’s mother did….plan almost 50 years before had for him to be the first black POTUS by forging his birth certificate showing his was born in Hawaii….yeah, right…NOT! You can’t expect any common sense out of the GOP haters.

  • jasperjava

    So Obama’s plan is to concentrate those parasite children in Arizona and Texas to turn them blue, and the proof of it is that he’s also sending them to solidly blue states like Illinois and Delaware.

    If anyone wants to take a stab at the “logic”, here, have at ‘er.

  • Rand Ortega

    Stepin’s like West & the rest of the racist, homophobic, misogynist GOP are doing that all by themselves.

  • chilly1952

    One heck of a plan. Send in people who are ineligible to vote to sway elections. They are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel to make up new conspiracy theories.
    Just in, Chris Christie has a plan to slow the flow of these immigrants. Close two lanes of traffic at each border crossing.

    • Shootist

      honey the point is to break the system, not be within the law (cloward and piven pg. ch.1). so yeah, it’s plausible.

  • labman57

    Why do so many tea-chugging pundits and political wannabes behave as though they have a Bogeyman lodged up their bunghole?

  • Hogandda

    “Attorney General Eric Holder stated they would prosecute any school district and superintendent not allowing illegal immigrant children to enter public schools.”

    Not exactly, but on May 8th of this year, “The Justice and Education Departments jointly issued an update of guidelines they published three years ago, reminding districts that they “may be in violation of federal law” if they turn students away because the children or their parents do not have immigration papers. The guidelines clarify what documents schools can and cannot require to prove that students live in their districts.”

    “Mr. Holder said the policy guidelines were based primarily on a 1982 Supreme Court decision, Plyler V. Doe, which found that schools cannot deny access to public education through the 12th grade on the basis of a student’s immigration status. That mandate and civil rights laws also require schools to make sure students are not rejected because of their parents’ legal status, Mr. Holder said.’ This was from the NY Times. See:

    So, there was no ‘we are going to prosecute’ statement for the current refugee crisis, just telling school districts what they need to do in cases like this based on established laws of decades ago.

    But the RW makes everything sound like Obama did it today illegally.

  • LiberalMD

    Most of the refugees are crossing the northern Mexican border; four states on that border: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. While Texas and Arizona are considered red states, New Mexico tends to shift back and forth. But California…..the gubernator(A. Schwarzenegger) made California a blue state for many years to come. Hasn’t Mr. West heard about the protests in Murrietta, CA? Or does he not keep up on the news? There have been several cities in California that have designated themselves as sanctuary cities to accept refugees from Central America as they cross into the United States, able to provide these refugees food and shelter and access to community resources.

  • LiberalMD

    Allen: It would take a pretty hefty stride to cross from Mexico directly into Illinois or Delaware!

  • The paranoia that the Far Right is sinking ever deeper into is astounding.

  • Denise

    If it’s a secret, how does West know?

  • caligirl1960

    We will just deport the illegals out after ovamit leaves office there will be nothing left of his legacy with in a year after he is gone!