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Multiple press agencies and cable news outlets are reporting that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border.

4:50pmEST — NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports that intelligence sources confirm that Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by a surface-launched weapon over eastern Ukraine.

2:15pmEST — AP reports that US pilots had been warned to avoid airspace over the Ukraine:

 The Federal Aviation Administration had warned U.S. pilots earlier this year not to fly over portions of the Ukraine in the Crimea region, according to notices posted on the agency’s website.

The notices were posted on April 23. The U.N.’s International Civil Aviation Organization and the aviation authorities in most countries issue similar notices for areas where unrest or military conflict creates a risk of being shot down.

The FAA had not issued any new warnings Thursday in the immediate aftermath of reports that a Malaysian airliner had been shot down over the Ukraine.

1:30pmEST — The New York Times, reports

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 with 295 people aboard crashed in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border on Thursday, and Ukrainian officials said it may have been shot down, possibly by a Russian-made antiaircraft system.

Ukraine’s president, Petro O. Poroshenko, said in a statement that he was calling for an immediate investigation of the crash of the plane, which was en route to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Amsterdam. There were no reported survivors among the 280 passengers and 15 crew members.

Malaysia Airlines released a statement confirming the flight was carrying 295 people. President Obama was reported to have spoken briefly with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. Reuters posted a photograph of what it said was the site of the crash.

A regional airline official said the plane had been flying at about 33,000 feet when radar trackers lost it over eastern Ukraine near the Russian border.

Eastern Ukraine has been roiled for months by a violent pro-Russian separatist uprising in which a number of military aircraft have been downed. But this would be the first commercial airline disaster resulting from the hostilities.

12:55pmEST — CBS News reports

A Ukrainian official said a passenger plane carrying 295 people was shot down Thursday over a town in the east of the country, and Malaysian Airlines tweeted that it lost contact with one of its flights over Ukrainian airspace.

Anton Gerashenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister, said on his Facebook page the plane was flying at an altitude of 33,000 feet. He also said it was hit by a missile fired from a Buk launcher, which can fire missiles up to an altitude of 72,000 feet.

Ukraine’s president says his country’s armed forces did not shoot at any airborne targets, after reports that a Malaysian Airlines plane went down over Ukraine. President Petro Poroshenko says Thursday “we do not exclude that this plane was shot down, and we stress that the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not take action against any airborne targets.”

CBS News has not confirmed that the plane was shot down.

png12:31pmEST — A contrary report from CNN — Ukraine’s defense minister is saying that the Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down

12:28pmEST — NBC reports that the Malaysian defense minister is saying there is no evidence as of yet the plane was shot down; also that Malaysian Airlines has issued a “cryptic” report of an event on board the airliner.

12:19pmEST — While some reports have suggested the plane was struck by a missile, NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski reports that there is no confirmation from Defense Department sources that the plane was shot down.

12:09pmEST — Reuters reports all 295 passengers dead.

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  • mea_mark

    Some good info here Looks like Ukrainian separatist leader laying claim to shooting it down

    Russian GRU officer Strelkov admitting that he ordered the missile strike against the Malaysian jet.

    Info on Strelkov

    • Pilotshark

      just what Malaysia airlines needs, hearing maybe 24 Americans aboard.

      tragic, but have to hold my thoughts until get more information.

      and thanks for the links.

      interesting fellow Strelkov is.

      • jasperjava

        How long before John Tarter / Wayout gushes over Strelkov’s manly physique and his manly resolve to slaughter civilians, as opposed to that wimpy bicycle-riding Obama who is so squeamish about carpet-bombing Libya and nuking Syria?

    • BanditBasheert

      It’s so early yet – so much speculation.

  • NW10
    • BanditBasheert

      Fat Fck on drugs and penis enhancers spews vomit on-air while waiting for plane to Dominican Republic Little Boy sex trip.

    • jasperjava

      Obama ordered the plane shot down to distract us from Benghazi. We’ve heard this song before.

  • Red Eye Robot

    23 Americans killed, Obama is doing a photo op at a burger place

    • William

      Yeah because the President should have anticipated this, and flown to Russia.
      Hey can I play?
      3000 Americans killed and President Bush reading a children’s book.
      Thank you for your entry into the “thanks Obama dumbass troll contest”. Our judges will be notify you.

      • Red Eye Robot

        If you are critical of bush for reading my pet goat and not of obama for going ahead with his burger photo op then you are as intellectually dishonest as the day is long.

        • BanditBasheert

          And you are simply so eaten up by hatred and racism that you literally cannot see straight. So glad I am not in your sick twisted brain.

        • William

          Good news Sparky you won.

        • arc99

          you are the champion of intellectual dishonesty. President Obama can do nothing about an act of war in a foreign country, committed against a foreign owned asset. even if he had cancelled a trip planned for months and instead given a brief statement in the Rose Garden, right wing hypocrites would be whining about that too, a la a 10 minute speech = “taking too much credit” for the bin Laden mission

          right wingers calling anyone intellectually dishonest is like Ted Nugent accusing someone of draft-dodging.

        • fancypants

          only difference is redeye Biden@ the white house wasn’t getting updates while this plane was in the air.
          Nice try

      • BanditBasheert

        But William, This book is way over Bush’s paygrade.

        • William

          Well it’s just a matter of knowing how the right works.

    • NW10

      Full on ODS. It’s pathetic how you jerks blame Obama for everything.

    • BanditBasheert

      Oh look, a angry male troll (white undoubtedly). Go back to your Oxycontin addicted pedophile Rush okey dokie?

    • Pilotshark

      you always go off haft cocked?

      you think you might want to get some idea of what it is you are trying to screech about.

    • Less than 8% of the dead are Americans, so leave it to a nationalistic tool to make it all about America.

  • BanditBasheert

    The FAA issued this warning in April 2014:


    • Pilotshark

      and all American carries follow that warning, but this was an Malaysian flight and they have there own warnings and rules.
      sad, but bet Malaysia airlines gets out in front of this and find answers way faster then there last problem

  • Red Eye Robot

    Russian separatists have recovered the black box, say they will turn it over to Moscow. Given the IRS crashed hard drives losing Lois Lerners emails what is Obama going to do if Putin says the flight data recorder tapes were accidentally erased?

    • Pilotshark

      Ground control to robot>>>
      Ground control to robot>>>

      Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

      you do know the NTSB and FAA has nothing to do with any recovery or where the black boxes goes to correct?
      they get involved when asked unless its an American carrier or on American territory.

      • Billy Jackson

        The plane being American made also allows the FAA to become involved.

        Other than that, RER is nothing more than a troll, and why he’s still here is beyond me. He offers nothing of value, and his attempts to claim he’s giving an opinion is complete bullshit.

        I no longer respond to him and look forward to the day the mods have had enough of his crap. I certainly have.

    • jasperjava

      It’s disgusting comments like yours that make right-wingers look bad. But it’s well known that you folks have no human decency. Scum.

    • fancypants

      CIA already has tweets from these idiots claiming responsibility That were unsuccessfully erased. Don’t know why lois lerner is in all this ? But that’s a gop mind for ya…. out to lunch

  • At least they know where THIS plane went down.

  • NW10

    Van Sustren calls Todd the troll out:

    “I was just sent a Mediaite article with these tweets on it. I don’t
    know Todd Starnes (he works in NYC), but I do know he works at Fox News
    Channel and so do I. I don’t like his tweets. They are very bad taste.
    This is not the time to be snarky or some pathetic attempt at humor.
    Let me repeat… 295 people died.”

  • Red Eye Robot

    Russian separatists who are actually Russian military special forces taking orders from Vladimir Putin, using Russian military equipment shot down a civilian air liner, murdering the 293 people on board, INCLUDING 23 Americans. But don’t worry Obama understands priorities, He won’t miss his 2 $45,000 a plate fundraisers tonight

    • No U.S. Citizens are confirmed of 298 including the crew. You mean “20+ Australians” More than 20 Australians were among the many nationalities aboard Flight MH17. The Netherlands was the worst affected, with 154 Dutch citizens on the downed plane, including Dutch researcher Joep Lange, a former president of the International AIDS Society, whose death was confirmed by the Kirby Institute at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

      Ukraine accused pro-Moscow militants, aided by Russian military intelligence officers, of firing a long-range, Soviet-era SA-11 ground-to-air missile. 1 Hour ago.,0,3092919.story

  • Where does it go from here?

    If this was a shoot-down, and if cooler heads do not prevail, soon, NATO will have little choice but to respond with action against East Ukraine seperatists, widely believed to be Russian proxies. And, that could involve the United States, a NATO member. It’s a whole new ball game and prospects don’t look good.