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Chris McDaniel continues his attempt to overturn the results of the primary where he lost the Republican nomination for Senate to incumbent Thad Cochran.

In a brief press conference punctuated by several loud rumbles of thunder, losing Mississippi senate candidate Chris McDaniel announced that the campaign is submitting an official challenge of the June runoff election to the state Republican executive committee.

At the outset, McDaniel’s lawyer, Mitch Tyner, held up a heavy binder with a triumphant, “This is it” — the campaign’s long-promised evidence of how victory over Sen. Thad Cochran was snatched from its grasp through nefarious means…

Last week, the campaign gave a preview of its new line of reasoning. In a press release, it argued that the party’s rule 11(b) mandates that candidates be elected only with Republican votes. In other words, McDaniel’s team likely aims to prove that Cochran’s margin of victory came from Democratic votes, and therefore wasn’t a victory at all…

“We know that the conservative movement is passionate about this issue,” McDaniel said during his brief remarks. “We know the conservative movement is very angry.”

What’s Thad Cochran, a liberal? Well, many far-right Republicans think so. And that’s the problem.

By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • tiredoftea

    “We know the conservative movement is very angry.” No, the conservative movement is way beyond angry, it is positively and absolutely insane!

    • Should we tell him the South won’t rise again or just let him find out on his own?

      • arc99

        Better tell him. Recognizing the obvious does not appear to be this guy’s strong suit.

      • He knows. He just thinks everyone else is stupid. It’s a form of mental illness called “conservatism.”

  • NW10
  • Even in Mississippi most voters correctly see the tea party as truthfully containing nothing but shitheads. Their own illegal nursing home campaign video antics proves these airheads imploded on impact.

    • I knew Mark Mayfield. Not well but we had talked a few times and have mutual friends. I agree with every thing you say but I would like to point out that he died over something less tangible than ideology or party loyality. When my friends emailed me the day he died my first reaction before I even opened the emails was “Oh god Mark finally killed himself.” He had that air of death around him. He had given up on life long before his decision to invade Cochrane’s privacy. Before he had lost it most of his friends were liberals who he used to delight in debating but then he became dark and partisan and finally just painted himself into a corner where he could never leave.

      • Eric I am very sorry for your the loss of your friend. We’ve all lost a friend or two to suicide, but in this case I sincerely think his Chris McDaniel felonies accelerated his depression, pushing your colleague quickly into his inevitable journey. I also think Einstein gives us solace ‘nothing can be created or destroyed, merely transmuted.’

        • He wasn’t a friend but his friends will tell you there was a lot more to him than his ideology (before he suffered his mental break). In fact I think that his work with Breitbart and the whole last year of his life was actually a symptom of the same break with reality that led him to make that final choice.

          • His association with Breitbart explains his dissociation and accelerated depression. Perhaps that’s why he felt he was ready to go.

            • I din’t know him well enough to judge but the people who did know him will tell you that something changed in the last year of his life. My opinion that Breitbart was a symptom and not a cause is a based on a gut instinct and no facts. Something changed though. That is all I know. I still look at his death as tragic.

          • Shades

            Not sure if this is relevant but may I speak of an episode in my younger years where I became obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. I watched all her movies, read every book about her, bought memorabilia, and, as I immersed myself in her tragic life, I also became severely depressed. Luckily a colleague spotted it and advised I get rid of all of MM-related possessions which I did and my outlook improved. My point is, when you surround yourself with tragic or depressing things, it can have a debilitating effect on your own mental health. If Mr. Mayfield already had a predisposition to depression, surrounding himself with the anger and hatred of the tea party surely did nothing to help him.

  • Esteban Rey

    I hope they tear each others throats out.

  • William

    This guy is fun to watch.

  • viva_democracy

    I spent most of last month driving through much of Mississippi for work and happened to notice the numerous Thad signs in peoples yards. I only saw a couple for McDaniel. And this was AFTER the second primary.

  • No way out

    Dude needs to attend a N.A meeting