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Definer of rape Todd Akin said that another run for office wasn’t off the table. The former Republican Congressman spoke last week with Joseph Farah of the right wing conspiracy site WorldNetDaily, which is publishing his new book.

Right Wing Watch notes that Akin is morphing the controversy over his “legitimate rape” remarks into a battle between spiritual good and evil, insisting that God was on his side.

Akin told Farah that he hasn’t dismissed the idea of running for office again because he wants to “tell the truth” and “stand up to evil.”


Akin has previously apologized for this remarks on rape, then in the book, took it upon  himself to walk that apology back by amping up the rhetoric.

  • mea_mark

    The best way it seems for republicans to sell books is to run for office, or at least pretend to. For republicans, politics is becoming a way of grifting.

    • Exactly! If Akin were to actually run, he could have learned that 2016’s greatest voter turnout in any presidential election year, is his worst enemy.

  • arc99

    Mr. Akin if you want to “stand up to evil” how about addressing the fact that the drinking water for a city of a half million people has been rendered unfit for consumption.

    Algae Blooms Making Toledo Water Undrinkable Are Thriving

    Farm, Sewage-Treatment Runoff Into Lake Erie Are Feeding the Blooms Like Candy

    • Tommy6860

      That’s god (AKA, unregulated polluters, GOP, etc) punishing a liberal bastion, that doesn’t count.

  • Evil vajayjays!

    • William

      Damn right.

  • Always Right

    Guys like him an Anthony Weiner lack moral judgment. You blew your chance, now go away.

  • Dwendt44

    the bible says nothing about rape, so maybe he’s right. NOT!!!

  • Bunya

    Let’s hope it’s a legitimate run because his constituents have a way of “shutting that whole thing down”.

  • Where’s RJ? He’s much closer (geographically) than I am and this guy needs to be knee-capped. Of course, he stands a snowballs chance in hell of winning anything other than clueless douche-bag of the year but as a fellow Missouian, I find his mere existence embarrassing and harmful to the state.

    • R.J. and I are polar opposites politically but I can see him giving this guy a mafia-style knee cap job.

      • Me too, but he may have to borrow his boys Batman cape for the vent.

  • LiberalMD

    Rather than “Stand Up To Evil”, Mr. Akin should “sit down and shut up” before he sticks his foot in his mouth again.

  • newtosf921

    Of course, Mr. Aiken wants to stand up and “tell the truth”! What he means to say he wants to tell his twisted version of the truth……….He is trying to claim that the term “legitimate rape” is the correct way in the legal world to talk about rape….. and, of course that is not correct….there is no such real term as “legitimate rape”………….

  • John David Peer

    Although I agree that his comments were ill-advised and probably ill-informed, there is, I’m afraid, some scientific background to what he was probably TRYING to say.

    In that many fertility specialists believe that a woman that is enjoying the mating, and in particular, one that is able to achieve orgasm during the act, will actually slightly increase the probability of fertilization.

    An interesting read for any liberals here still interested in science…