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This gives gun shows a whole new meaning. Police were dispatched to a 53 year-old Massachusetts man’s apartment after a report of a possible firearm in his possession. When police arrived, they found the man and a woman who were both “heavily intoxicated.” After police told the man about the report of the gun, he began flexing his biceps. The officers, however, found a water gun near the man’s bed. Northampton Det. Lt. Alan Borowski commented on the man’s guns, saying that they were “all right” for his age and that “he was probably bigger back in the day.”


By: Clinton

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  • Welcome to a REAL “Gun Show!”
    At least the cops had a sense of humor here!

  • LiberalMD

    That’s what happens at the gym I go to. You say the word “gun” and you’ll see more posing and flexing than at a Mr. Universe competition.

  • William

    Conversely it gets old, my wife gets tired of the “Lori show them your biceps”

  • Jeff Allen

    I hope he at least did them one at a time… “which one do you want first, Smith or Wesson”

  • crc3

    This is news? Snooze news maybe….zzzzzzzzzzz…..