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UPDATE, 8/15, 8:27am: As reported by CNN, the name of the cop alleged to have shot Michael Brown will be released today by law enforcement authorities in Ferguson, around 10amEST. And The Guardian has more of the back story on the suspension of the Anonymous-related Twitter account that made public the name of Bryan Willman, who is not a police officer with either Ferguson or Saint Louis. Interestingly, if an IRC chat copied to Pastebin is to be believed, members of Anonymous – including the member whose Twitter account was quashed – had identified a possible suspect with a very different name!

UPDATE, 2:33pmEST: Anonymous’ official #OpFerguson Twitter account are reporting that the name of a Ferguson police officer released by another Anonymous activist’s account is not the same as that of the officer that they have independently identified as the officer who shot Michael Brown last week.

UPDATE, 12:59pmEST: Raw Story reports that the Saint Louis Police are saying that the officer named by Anonymous is not the officer who shot Michael Brown.

This morning at 9amEST, Anonymous has named the Ferguson, MO police officer who they allege shot Michael Brown in an incident that has triggered nearly a week of protests. At 11amEST, they released a photograph of officer Bryan Willman, and are threatening to release additional information about the officer unless the Ferguson police department responds.

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Dave "Doctor" Gonzo is a renegade record producer, writer, reformed corporate shill, and still-registered lobbyist for non-one-percenter performing artists and musicians. He lives in a heavily fortified compound in one of Manhattan's less trendy neighborhoods.

  • damorganjr

    LOL! their account was suspended by twitter. That’s what you get when you try to fuel more riots and looting of c-stores. Also, they could have gotten that person killed.

    • ExPat ExLawyer

      No, it’s the police who are fomenting misinformation by acting more secret than the Stasi.

      • damorganjr

        Looking back on this, I think we can agree that you were wrong ExPat ExLawyer. The police were just doing an investigation. They are actually not obligated to keep you informed in their progress.

    • AnonymousSupporter

      Anonymous doesn’t condone violence or looting, peaceful protest is whats proposed in such situations, but when the time comes we will stand together against the crooked government.

      • drnimrod

        Oh god please shut your fucking face.

  • damorganjr

    LOL! their account was suspended by twitter. That’s what you get when you try to fuel more riots and looting of c-stores. Also, they could have gotten that person killed.

  • How ’bout this? ” This is the Governor of Missouri; I am calling in the National Guard to Ferguson. We will be surrounding the police headquarters with our SWAT teams in an attempt to find a potential murderer. Do not interfere. This is the only warning you will receive’ Kinda like what cops do when they’re not sure what’s going on.

    • geektinker

      The Missouri National Guard doesn’t have SWAT teams.

  • ExPat ExLawyer

    Looks like Twitter suspended the Anonymous account!

  • DD

    What the police in Ferguson have created is a hostile community that they will never have the trust of again.

    • geektinker

      The police in Ferguson didn’t create the hostile community out of a vacuum. There are citizens in the community who share that blame and outsiders who have latched onto to the tragic death of MIchael Brown to further their own agendas of hatred and division in this country.

      • DD

        You may have a point, but the police escalated the hostility by shooting rubber bullets and tear gassing their citizens. Interesting how the Ferguson chief managed this situation with fear and hostility and when the state police show up and take over the residents are treated with understanding and compassion. The whole environment was changed with showing respect to those who needed their voice heard. People who are shown respect will return with respect in most cases.

        I still stand by my original post that the Ferguson police may have damaged their ability to ever have trust with their citizens again. I would put money on the chief being replaced in the not too distant future.

        • GeekTinker

          That’s why I said “shared the blame”. The other side of the argument is that citizens escalated the hostility with police by blocking the street and throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at police. The law doesn’t allow the police to simply stand by while some people are looting, pillaging, and rioting. I can’t blame the police officers who are defending themselves and their co-workers from deadly threats.

          What is interesting how this same hostility continued late Friday night / early Saturday morning with more looting and rioting – all while the State police were there treating the “residents with understanding and compassion”.
          At some point when the police retreated, after more looting had begun, rioters began shooting firearms into the air. Those rounds have to come down somewhere. I honestly think it’s outsiders, people not from Ferguson, and people not even from Missouri who are the cause of the trouble – morphing from peaceful protestors to rioters and looters.

          On a good note, it has been reported that the actual residents formed lines around businesses blocking the looters from getting back into the buildings.

  • Zot OfKithairon

    an investigation shouldn’t take this long. just arrest the scumbag cop already and make an example of him. give a hard-nosed speech condemning him and explainging that he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. this will give the ppl what they want: justice. those retards could’ve prevented this by doing that right away instead of protecting some moron racist out of some bs code, when that moron is endangering their jobs and the community, ya know the place their supposed to protect. fuck those idiots.

    • geektinker

      Investigations do actually take this long, and even longer. Real life doesn’t work the way it does on television, solving the crime within an hour.
      Arresting the officer and charging him with anything won’t resolve anything. In fact, rushing it could taint evidence and would allow him a mistrial if he is guilty of any wrongdoing.
      Many people in this country won’t be happy until he is tried, found guilty (whether he is or not), and hung in the town square. For some, that may still not be enough.
      I fear what we have seen so far in Ferguson, Missouri is only the tip of the iceberg for what is to come and I pray that cooler heads prevail before the civil unrest gets out hand on a national level.
      Peacefully protesting is one thing, but those who would foster violence in order to take advantage of the situation to further their own agendas is completely and utterly wrong.

  • uuberdude

    Hee hee. He can run, but he can’t hide. It matters not whose identity the pigs try to hide. They will all pay.

  • Cynthia Robinson

    Whoa People, WE all know that an ‘Administrative Leave’ is first on the Due Process; Paid Vacation.
    The ‘Blue Code of Silence’ goes into effect, Brother Cops ‘covering’ their Ass!
    The REAL Truth may NEVER be known. In the interim, protests, rioting, looting, and violence have been the mind-set of the People.
    THIS can’t be accomplishing ANYTHING; Violence begetting Violence.
    Yes, the officer, who allegedly shot and killed Michael Brown, needs to be arrested as any other murder suspect would. This officer is not Above the Law; In fact, LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) are HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD. A police cadet is SWORN to ‘Protect and Serve’ the United States Citizens, not to kill at will! WE provide their paychecks, as taxpayers.
    When WE, as American Citizens, decide Enough is Enough, which is the thinking of Ferguson, Missouri, L.A. California, and McGregor, Texas people, just to name a few; WE can’t allow LEO to randomly kill our youth.
    You or I, if suspected of causing lethal harm to another person, would be arrested.
    WE, as American Citizens, should DEMAND the arrest of the officer who fired the shots.

    • geektinker

      SCOTUS shot down that “protect and serve” mumbo jumbo a while ago. Police officers are there to uphold the law. This is why I support being armed to protect myself. Because the police won’t always be there to protect me and my family. I think what we should be demanding is due process.
      Do you think the community would be as outraged if this story had been about a police officer who had been shot, while on duty, with his own firearm? Would Anonymous be helping with the manhunt for those responsible for that?
      The one-sided, impatient stance that most people are taking really makes me fear for the future of this country. If we can’t look at a situation both objectively and subjectively, allowing for due process, then we will soon be completely lost as a nation.

  • Lwayno

    The Gestapo strikes again!

  • geektinker

    Imagine your outrage if I spoke of Mike Brown the way you just did about the officer and used such profanity.
    Mike Brown was an adult. Dorian Johnson is 22 and I understand that two men decided to assault a police officer and take his firearm. Poor chioces of who you choose as friends to hang out with and poor decisions have consequences. Unfortunately for Mike Brown’s family his poor choices and decisions resulted in his death. My sympathies to his loved ones.