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It’s a good thing they’re selling that gun.

Two women were traveling to a Taylorsville pawn shop to sell a gun. The 33-year-old female passenger sitting in the back seat was manipulating the gun and accidentally discharged it, shooting the 53-year-old front passenger in the back, according to Unified Police officer Jared Richardson.

The 53-year-old woman suffered minor, non-life threatening injuries, Richardson said.

Investigators are still in the final stages of their investigation, but Richardson said all signs point to the shooting being accidental.

By: Alan

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  • Roctuna

    Wait a min, two women traveling, passenger in the back shoots the passenger in the front, who pray-tell was driving?

    • I’m guessing a third passenger, a male. ?????
      *edit – I guess he would not be considered a passenger, but driver. It’s early, brain not…

  • MIAtheistGal

    No, not accidental. Negligent is the word we should be using in these cases.

    • John_St_John

      My sentiments exactly.

  • majii

    This reminds me of losing one of my former students in a situation similar to this one. She was riding in a car with three other people when one of the guys in the car decided to play with his loaded gun. He ended up shooting her in the head. She died instantly. I still have not gotten over this after almost 15 years. She was sweet kid and left a young child behind. Stuff like this is no accident because in every instance, someone makes a conscious decision to do something stupid with a gun when they have a countervailing opportunity to choose NOT to do it.