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Open Carry activists in Richmond, Virginia went to a protest for Michael Brown, the teenager who was shot down in Ferguson Missouri by a police officer. The only problem is that the gun dorks couldn’t remember Michael Brown’s name.


While discussing the death of the teenager, Jason Spitzer says, “What was his name?” A man responds saying, “You’re at the rally and you don’t know his name?”

Spitzer declares, “I know his last name is Ferguson.”  ProTip: No he doesn’t.

“His name is not Ferguson at all,” the protester remarked with a smile on his face as he turned his back to walk away. “That’s hilarious,” he said.  Remember when Open Carry Texas planned to march in a predominately  black neighborhood? I can picture them trying to blend in, “What was that I have a dream dude’s name?”

Watch starting around the 1:29 mark:

Big thanks to my Twitter pal @Cmartin002.

  • MysticHipster

    Cletis mother fuckers. Hope they wear a condom when they make love to their guns.

  • stranton

    war mongrels

  • IAmAmirHasan

    Hello, I am the man that was speaking with Jason Spitzer in this clip. I do not agree with these gun nuts tactics, but I do want you to know that Jason has issued an apology and explained this. It was simple a “brain fart”. He had minutes earlier been in a heated exchange with the man filming this interaction whose name is Chris Dorsey, that is why he gives Michael Browns name as Chris. I hate that I am sticking up for this guy, but in the interest of fairness I believe it is important.

    • HotKnife

      Integrity is sometimes a bitter pill. Thanks, the story seemed too stereotypical to be 100% true.