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I asked Dr. Ben Carson Friday night what he meant when he said there might not be an election in 2016. Carson responded that there might be “so much anarchy” by then that an election would not be possible.

COLMES: What do you mean though when you say there may not be an election in 2016?

DR. BEN CARSON: There may be so much anarchy going on.

COLMES: Anarchy? So you really think we risk risking an anarchic America to the point where elections might be put on hold, or some kind of emergency is declared with such anarchy that there wouldn’t be a Presidential election in a couple of years?

DR. BEN CARSON: I don’t want to find out. I really don’t want to find out, I don’t want to continue down this pathway that we’re going down.

I also asked Carson how he could compare President Obama to both Nazis and communists. Listen:

By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • newtosf921

    It is very hard to believe that Mr. Carson is a trained physician because his babbling nonsense makes no sense……………For the USA to have so called anarchy to stop an election would be Un-American and the USA is NOT a 3rd world country, so Mr. Carson is just playing his kind of political baiting……..and, I guess I bit………….

    • PaulaNix

      Michael Brown, under the influence, strong armed robbed a grocery store owner. Video shows him (6’4 gentle giant) push and threaten the store owner. Minutes later, altercations happen between him and the police and liberals are screaming racism and injustice. When video is posted on news showing Brown’s actions/robbery, the community says that the media is trying to smear his name. The community destroyed this man’s store for releasing the video which he has every right to do. They do not have the right to destroy his story. Where is the common sense in all of this. This gentle giant was a danger to society and deserved to die if he was charging at the police officer. Or if the officer felt that his life was threatened. That was not “gentle giant”. And our Attorney General, who is suppose to represent blind justice, a man is innocent until proven guilty, sides with the community who jumped on the “white policeman kills black boy”. That discord flared up and was promoted by our government and media. What other false information is going to have communities rise up? Ben Carson’s comments makes absolute sense.

    • PaulaNix
  • PaulaNix
  • Chuck Schettler

    Ashamed as I am I voted for Carter’s (second election) and Clintons first election. See I myself, am not blinded by partisan politics like someone who claims to be against big government but, yet are against Taxed Enough candidates ?

    • OldLefty

      That’s what we all say.

      You sound pretty blinded by partisan politics, and oblivious to facts.

      Taxed Enough??

      The lowest taxes since Eisenhower, (whom the right called a communist).


      From Reagan’s former aide;

      The Misinformed Tea Party Movement

      Big government??

      The Tea people LOVE Big government, in the womb, in the bedroom and the military.

      • Chuck Schettler

        “blinded by partisan politics” = Funny rhetoric coming from someone who hides behind a Lefty screen name… and better yet, aimed at someone like myself who does not simply vote along party lines.

        • OldLefty

          “blinded by partisan politics” = Funny rhetoric coming from someone who hides behind a Lefty screen name… and better yet, aimed at someone like myself who does not simply vote along party lines.


          1) I am proud of being a lefty.

          2) Anybody can use any name they choose.

          3) ANYBODY can claim to not to vote along partisan lines.
          Your hyper partisan rhetoric speaks for itself, while you seem to think that anyone who disagrees with you is doing so for partisan reasons and only YOU are a non-partisan, critical thinker, while not recognizing the irony.

  • Lisa Dawn Cheney

    He’s new..and he’s doing a lot better now.

  • Frank Black

    It is Dr. Carson, not Mr. He is a pediatric neurosurgeon of which there are probably less than a hundred in the entire world.

    • Linda Carbone

      Ben Carson is an honest man and very intelligent , I believe that he has nailed it .

      • whatthe46

        the creep has senility. and he has repeatedly lied about everything that has come out of his mouth and his book. and you think there’s something honorable in bragging about trying to bash your mother over the head with a hammer. which he lied about, but thought it was ok to say. weird. and all of his supporters are too. vote for him please.

        • Linda Carbone

          I didn’t know that he Lied about anything and I have not seen or read his book I’m only trying to learn about what is going on ?

          • whatthe46

            then how on earth can you say he’s an honest person? it’s quite easy to google whatever it is you’d like to learn about him. he also thinks the pyramids were built to store grain. that’s someone with serious mental health issues.

      • “very intelligent”? “Early retired”-fired Ben’s 2,000 year old (4.51 bn yr old) Earth & (13.81 bn yr old) universe means the pyramids, France’s cave paintings and all dinosaur bones are older then young earth creationists delusions!

        • Linda Carbone

          I’m voting for Donald Trump !

        • Linda Carbone

          I didn’t know about this. Only I’m voting for Donald J Trump !

  • NotForPublicUse

    You do know that Darwin’s theory is still only a theory, right?

  • OldLefty

    It did not.
    Just as evolution did not stop with hazel eyes.

  • Linda Carbone

    I’ll not put it past Obama’s is a Muslim traitor who is not finished trying to destroy America, and Hillary Clinton another traitor, I strongly believe that Ben Carson was only trying to warn the American people of the truth. They are all trying to stop Donald Trump because he has been exposing them all for what they are. And Donald Trump refuses to become another one of there puppets. And he has already proven that he can’t be bought. Obama and all of the rest of the dirty politicians who have not been following the constitution written by our founding fathers, because if they had followed our Constitution then America would not be in the mess it is today. They don’t want us the American people to know or find out more about the government selling America right out from underneath us for God knows how long ?

    • whatthe46

      something’s wrong with you huh? maybe you can get him to give you a lobotomy.

      • Linda Carbone

        I’m sorry I’m not sure what you mean by this ? All I’m saying is that I’m worried about this actually happening to us here in America ?

        • tracey marie

          nonsense, you are a ridiculous person afraid of everything.

        • whatthe46

          you’re taking the word of a lunatic. a paranoid lunatic. and if you allow yourself to become a paranoid lunatic, you’ll be one seriously unhappy person worrying about something that NOT going to happen.

    • Ben Carson poster child for delusional psychotic: ‘I was running a $57 M+ grifting operation until I lost in last place. Now says “No 2016 election”-Carson.

    • OldLefty

      That’s why David Frum said, “Republicans have been Fleeced, Exploited And Lied To’ by a Conservative Entertainment Complex”

      And why former Reagan aide Bruce Bartlett said, “Many conservatives live in a bubble where they watch only Fox News on television, they listen only to conservative talk radio — Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, many of the same people,” Bartlett told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday. “When they go onto the Internet, they look at conservative websites like National Review, Newsmax, World Net Daily.”“And so, they are completely in a universe in which they are hearing the same exact ideas, the same arguments, the same limited amount of data repeated over and over and over again. And that’s brainwashing.”

    • Foundryman

      When you say “us the American people”…leave me out of it! Real Americans aren’t anti-government paranoid twits that believe the nonsense you just posted.

      • Linda Carbone

        News flash all Americans have been lied to none of the politicians have been following the constitution written by our founding fathers, because it’s written by our founding fathers that the United States of America was never supposed to allow anyone from the middle east in to our country. And obviously they have all chosen to ignore it. I’m voting for Donald Trump he’s not a politician he is an angry American just like the rest of us are.

        • OldLefty

          because it’s written by our founding fathers that the United States of America was never supposed to allow anyone from the middle east in to our country.

          Where does it say that?
          And Donald Trump IS a politician, he has simply never been held accountable to voters.
          We are ALL angry Americans.
          That’s why I vote against those who obstructed the Obama agenda that I voted for.

          So what?

        • whatthe46

          so, now you’re rooting for a despicable pos, that promotes violence to American Citizens who do NOT agree with him. he outsources his jobs to Mexico and China. he imports immigrants over hiring American Citizens and we are pissed about that. he has had 4 bankruptcies, he’s in court proceedings NOW for fraud, all of his wives are immigrants, he knows nothing of the constitution and the list goes on. oh, and don’t forget, telling the world that he loves the bible and is a “christian” and that he loves to read it, yet when asked his favorite passage, he says it’s a trick question. first lying carson, and now lying tRump. seems like you enjoy being lied to because the truth doesn’t fit the narrative.

        • 1 Constitutional scholar, Doctorate in law (Juris Doctor) POTUS Obama J.D. would’ve been immediately impeached by GOP IF he’d ever violated ANY of the 1788 ratified constitution, or 1789 ratified bill of rights, or 17 other ratified amendments. | Linda Carbone posted “because it’s written by our founding fathers that the United States of America was never supposed to allow anyone from the middle east in to our country”-Debunked 35 Founding fathers quotes The (Founders) 1796 Treaty with Tripoli states that the United States was “not in any sense founded on the Christian religion” (image below). This was not an idle statement meant to satisfy muslims– they believed it and meant it. This treaty was written under the presidency of George Washington and signed under the presidency of John Adams.