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A member of Open Carry Tarrant County and Open Carry Texas, is facing capital murder charges after two people were discovered shot dead in her home. Veronica Dunnachie, 35, was arrested by police as she drove herself to a nearby mental hospital following the shooting.

Officials said they were treating the slayings as a domestic homicide, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Veronica Dunnachie, 35, is in custody and bail had not yet been set, according to the police.

According to Tarrant County records, the residence is owned by Russell Dunnachie, a house where Veronica reportedly lived with her husband, their three young children and his adult daughter from a previous relationship.

However, relatives of Veronica Dunnachie said she was no longer living at the home and court records indicated she filed for divorce in October.

The bodies of her alleged victims were discovered after police were called to perform a welfare check at the house.

A nearby Elementary School was briefly placed on lockdown. The lockdown was lifted shortly after Dunnachie was taken into custody.

According to a cousin, Elizabeth Rojas, Dunnachie had distanced herself from their family in recent years, and they had not seen her in nearly three weeks.

She said her cousin was an avid gun user and regularly posted about her gun use on Facebook. Those pictures were circulated by Open Carry groups.

Dunnachie has been actively involved in open carry rallies that have been staged at businesses like Target.

In the following image, Dunnachie is on the left, the wife of Kory Watkins, leader of Open Carry Tarrant County is on the right at an open carry rally in Target’s parking lot.

Fortunately, Target responded to a call from Moms Demand Action to end open carry of guns in stores and parking lots, and now asks customers to leave their guns at home. Unfortunately, Kroger has not agreed to ending this practice in their stores, even after sustained pressure from Moms, leaving their customers at risk.

C.J. Grisham, leader of Open Carry Texas, will surely deny that she was a member of his extremist group of gun toting miscreants, but there are screen shots which have circulated which will counter any denials by him and I’ll be happy to tweet them out, because I’m nice like that.

His response to the deaths in which he’s intentionally vague:

Travis Raymond Kuenstler asks CJ Grisham on Facebook to “Please delete your post and encourage others to do the same, privately.”
She ‘likes’ him, too.


Bobby is not surprised.


Amy is a gun nut and testifies at everything in support of expanding gun rights. Today, she has the sads.


“Mama didn’t raise no victim,” writes Open Carry Tarrant County.

Here she is posing with a group of armed men and women on a city park full of families and children in Ft. Worth, Texas:

Here Dunnachie is at another Texas business with Open Carry activists. The man to her left is Guy Potter, he was part of the group that menaced Moms Demand Action members last November in Arlington, TX:


Here she is looking like every other Open Carry activist. Size matters, amirite?

Veronica, just like her colleagues with the aforementioned gun groups, objects to a ban on open carrying firearms in Kroger. You see, they are all law-abiding citizens, that is, until one of them opens fire.

​Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America are asking Kroger to end the practice of open carry in its stores for exactly this reason. This woman is a close associate of at least two of the folks that have been photographed carrying fully loaded high capacity weapons inside Kroger grocery store locations. Kory and Janie Watkins (both with extensive arrest records of their own) are pictured with Dunnachie in the image above.

Kory and Janie Watkin’s mugshots:


Janie Watkins at a Dallas area Kroger store.

I’ve said this countless times: We don’t know who these Open Carriers are so how are we to determine which one is a “good guy with a gun” because obviously, Veronica isn’t.


Big thanks to my source whose anonymity will be respected here. Also, thanks to CoCo, a gun owner with gun sense.

All images obtained via social media, thereby making them fair use.

  • charles johnston

    The tone of the article is clear. “C.J. Grisham, leader of Open Carry Texas, will surely deny that she was a member of his extremist group of gun toting miscreants, but there are screen shots which have circulated which will counter any denials by him and I’ll be happy to tweet them out, because I’m nice like that.”
    Wording like that does not convey news, only opinion.

  • Why do just 16 states require Background checks today on handgun sales? “->16 states and Washington, D.C., already (require Background checks) for all handgun sales. In these states.

    A: the NRA supports and arms terrorists by negating background checks and other gun laws that “Rearm Convicted Felons” at the state level!

    Everyone knows federal law also prohibits Felons from owning guns & ammo too! But the NRA rearms these domestic terrorists in many states.

    • amongoose

      What laws are those?

      • Lol. D’oh! “How the NRA Works to Rearm Criminals” including Felons convicted of murder and manslaughter. Next-up: OCT wants guns in prison for double-homicide murdering member.

        • amongoose

          So anyone committing a felony should lose their right to own a firearm permanently?
          If there is no chance of someone convicted of a crime of ever being able to in essence become a full citizen again why what would be their incentive to want to change their lives?
          In my opinion a second firearms offense, especially one resulting in harm, they should never be allowed out again, but that’s just my opinion. Recidivism of released criminals accounts for most crimes. But permanent incarceration is another can of worms.

          A gun allowed in a prison for a felon?
          Please explain that one. Googling it showed an open carry advocate being arrested, but no mention of anyone trying to obtain permission for a felon in prison to have a gun. That would be in violation of a lot of state and federal laws.

          Open carry, I think is silly, it is easier to disarm them. Prefer concealed carry as the bad guys don’t know who is armed.
          A survey of prisoners showed that over half were did not do home invasions of occupied dwellings due to someone at home might have a gun.

          • Felons can’t vote either. But hey you could’ve petitioned Guber Jeb Bush personally on One day per year to be one of 180 brought before the FL gov for a pardon. Prerequisite is proof of your ‘biblical conversion, bible studies as evidence of your redemption.’ All others need not apply.

            Felons forfeit their right to vote, or to possess guns just like any dishonorably discharged veterans, those under judicial restraining orders, adjudicated mental defectives, those on DHS, FBI or ATF watchlists, or non-citizens. None of whom can legally possess guns or ammo, just like convicted felons!

            • amongoose

              So are you saying they should never have a chance to have their rights restored?
              And actually non citizens here legally can by recent court decision posses firearms.

              • Do you know what a pardon is? Hint Cheney’s Chief of Staff Scooter Libby never got a pardon, and is also barred from VOTING or guns & ammo too!

                Felons could have “petitioned Guber Jeb Bush personally on One day per year to be one of 180 brought before the FL gov for a pardon”

                • amongoose



                  There, answeree your question, now please answer mine.
                  Should a convicted felon ever be allowed to have his rights removed from conviction restored?

                  • Do you have a reputable Pulitzer Prize winning source? E.g. Reuters, NYT, WaPo, LA Times. Guns.bozos isn’t even close to reputable or accurate. ” “Ironically,” Gottlieb explained “-404 no working Link.

                    • amongoose

                      Case 1:14-cv-00333-JMS-RLP Document 37 Filed 09/17/14 Page 1 of 18 PageID #: 229

                      Could say the same about your sources, that everytown study counted 3 accidental discharges, 19 gang related and after school shootings, and 6 suicides in their totals.
                      One more time, please answer.
                      Should felons upon completion of sentence be allowed to petition for return of their rights?

                    • I Answered 3+ times: Felons can’t have guns, nor can they opencarry in Krogers while buying diapers for paranoids to soil.

                      If you are not a citizen you cannot own a firearm unless permanently immigrating into the U.S. or in possession of a hunting license legally issued in the U.S. Also you must have been a resident of your state for at least 90 days.

                    • amongoose

                      That’s what the decision said permanent legal alien residents.
                      And no you never answered whether you thought they deserved a second chance.
                      Been interesting trying to have a conversation with you.
                      have a nice day.

                    • Nobody intelligent gives a convicted murderer and manslaughter a Gun or Ammo unless they’ve been pardoned.

                      That’s why the NRA stupidly advocates for a murderers gunshot air rights through your head, by an already convicted killer

                    • whatthe46

                      you’re right. no one intelligent would. however, this jackass, outgoing Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour did. all murderers. he gave them full pardons. one such disturbing murder was that of Gatlin. he walked into the trailer where his estranged wife, Tammy Ellis Gatlin, lived and shot her in the head. The woman’s friend, Randy Walker, survived a gunshot to the head.

  • Ellen H.

    Too bad there wasn’t a good guy with a gun to stop the bad guy with the gun.

  • illinoisboy1977

    She wasn’t mentally ill. She was evil. I hope they fast-track her execution.

  • Christopher Shawn

    If only they had done a mental check before she was allowed to own guns.