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If you already have an anger management problem, it’s not going to help if you have easy access to guns: The more guns you own the more likely you are to be subject to angry outbursts that you cannot control. This conclusion about Americans and their guns comes from a study published this week in the…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • Warman1138

    I am not surprised.

    • Larry Schmitt

      Is anyone here the least surprised by this?

      • Warman1138


      • John Tarter

        I don’t believe it for a moment. If this story were true, there would be thousands of killings daily, but there simply are not. The places where killings are out of control are places like Chicago where most of the gun usage is done by people who are barred by law from owning them.

        In high percentage gun owning states like Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana, and others like them where there is not a problem with the misuse of guns.

        In my view, this is just another study by a liberals in the academic community who have little real world experience of gun ownership, done to scare folks about guns and to “nudge” people into accepting more gun restrictions.

        • amersham46

          Posting based upon FoxFacts

        • Jeb ==The Mexican Impregnator

          There are only certain drug infested hoods that have high shootings. It is war zone.

        • Paranoid Tarter owns 6 or more guns and fits the profile perfectly!

          • John Tarter

            You should see my collection.. And guess what, they are a great investment too.

            • So how many more than “6 or more guns” does Johnny own?

            • jasperjava

              That proves what the original article is saying: angry right-wing white supremacist gun nuts are more likely to be stockpiling weapons, ready to shoot anybody who looks at them sideways.

              People like you are a danger to yourselves and others.

        • CandideThirtythree

          The article said it was the gun hoarders that they were talking about and not the people with one or 2 guns. There is a huge difference between farmer who has a single shotgun and Bubba who is stockpiling because Obama.

        • The Original Just Me

          Do you breath the same air as the rest of us ? just wondering.

        • bpollen

          Oh, yeah, Tater! It’s all a liberal conspiracy to take your guns, your vital juices, and your business – which you describe (with no sense of irony) as the lifeblood of the country. They’re just so inept at it that you and a ton of Texas whack-jobs have found out about it. It’s almost like you’re Scooby Doo, and Texans replace Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne! Beware The Haunted Walmart!

        • allison1050

          What’s your source for your claim regarding Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana and others?

        • William

          “I don’t believe it for a moment.”

          Well of course you don’t. When the bimbo over at the fair and balanced network spews something that coincides with what you believe, then it’s true, but when you are faced with cold hard facts, it must be a flawed study or report.

          Here’s some more interesting news for you.

          Vermont ranks about average in gun related deaths per 1000. The states with the lowest are liberal states Ma, RI and Hi
          Source: CDC

  • F_cons

    And I’m happy that the gun felators are more likely to kill themselves

    • Jeb ==The Mexican Impregnator

      Unfortunately they don’t kill themselves faster.

      • bpollen

        Should we consult efficiency experts?

        • allison1050


    • The Original Just Me

      They need to spend more time cleaning their guns. This is a very dangerous activity for a gun nut.

  • Jeb ==The Mexican Impregnator

    If you accuse a Ammosexual of anger or a mental illness 9 out 10 times they will threaten to shoot you because they are paranoid.

    • The Original Just Me

      It is their duty to God to cleanse the earth of crazy people. BUT, who’s the Crazy one’s ?