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  • Larry Schmitt

    And Donohue is a pro-Catholic bigot. He’s the master of the one-note. Everyone is persecuting the Catholic Church. Got news for you, when you’re the most powerful group out there, you’re not being persecuted.

    • arc99

      maybe persecution is too strong a word. but I for one am glad that someone other than a liberal is calling Coulter out on her ignorance. maybe the only way to get her to crawl back under the rock from which she came is for both sides of the political spectrum to shine a bright light on her hatred and hopefully have her scurry away, the way a cockroach does when you turn on the lights. yes, that metaphor was purely intentional.

  • Wow, I am not certain I could care less about any of these folks.

    • Richard Banville

      Yeah, but it’s great to see them going after each other. Pass the popcorn.

  • Foundryman

    Donahue is part of the far right wing religious wackjobs who are intolerant of everything and everyone but themselves. He has no room to call anyone a bigot because of his own numerous hate filled bigoted rantings.

  • StoneyCurtisll

    This might be the first time I agree with Bill Donohue on anything…

  • bpollen

    Since Donahue is the sole member, he can be anything on the Catholic league he wants. President, Master at Arms, King, Rat-catcher…

  • Mike

    So we have a bigot calling two other bigots out….yawn…

  • Bunya

    I can’t believe Alan gave this guy air time.
    Talk about lowering one’s standards …