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During Sen. Sessions’ confirmation hearing today, Sen. Klobuchar asked if he was committed to protecting the media and not putting reporters in jail for doing their jobs because of Trump’s prickly relationship with them. Sessions ducked the question, saying, “I’m not sure — I have not studied that — those regulations.” He’s trying to become the…


By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • Mike

    Exactly how would jailing journalists make America great again …???

    • Suzanne McFly

      Well for one, it would help the uneducated voters who supported rump stay uneducated.

      • granpa.usthai

        being that the majority of the deplorables who favor the urine coloration of the great orange COWARD “savior” of the scared angry white folks can only comprehend bumper snicker BS, I’d say they’ll remain highly illerate with or without media influence.

    • granpa.usthai

      works very well for DPRK, but then, their dear leader doesn’t seem to have the same urine colored skin affliction as the great orange COWARD.

      Sessions knows full well he will openly support prosecution of journalist who refuse to ‘spread’ the republican FBI ordered press releases, and so does most of those “questioning” him.

      it WILL remain the sacred duties of the people to keep the media in check each and every time they start spewing the republican organized propaganda BS.


      there is NO MANDATE from the MAJORITY of the people for the incoming fascist decimation of the BETRAYED Republic.

    • Bunya

      Well, according to the republican mindset, Sessions will only jail non-white journalists and n*gg*r-lovers. THAT oughta make ‘merica white, er, I mean “great” again.

  • bpollen

    I vas chust followink orders!

  • fahvel

    all info belongs to the people!!! this secretshit is beyond the pall. The usa presshas the chance of a lifetime to become a full chapter in the next/last? history book. go for it.