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Meet The Guy Who Set Up Scott Walker’s <em>Secret</em> Internet Connection

Meet The Guy Who Set Up Scott Walker’s Secret Internet Connection

Mind you, we’re not suggesting that a crime was committed when then-county executive Scott Walker had a secret router installed. We’re leaning toward multiple crimes. Judge for yourself: Gov. Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County executive office was using a secret Internet system as early as the year he took office, according to a former county administrator […]

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Scott Walker Caught Breaking Campaign Rules Running For College President In 1988

It may not be predictive of current behavior. Or it might. In 1988, Walker wanted to become president of the school’s student government, known as the Associated Students at Marquette University. He was running against John Quigley, a liberal student, in a race that became incredibly contentious. Election rules said that presidential candidates could not […]

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WI Gov. Scott Walker Whines That He’s ‘The Most Scrutinized Public Official In America’

Right. All eyes are on Scott Walker. Not Barack Obama. Not John Boeher. Not Chris Christie. It’s all about Scott Walker. “The bottom line is I’m probably the most scrutinized public official in America,” Walker said. The governor cited media scrutiny during his 2010 campaign and the 2012 recall election, which he survived, as well […]

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And Walker was evasive and refused to answer Chris Wallace’s questions. WALLACE: In one email that was released this week, your then chief of staff Thomas Nardelli, let’s put this up on the screen, writes campaign and county workers that you wanted to hold daily conference calls, “to review events of the day or of […]

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Scott Walker: Newly Released Emails Are ‘Old News’

Scott Walker says newly released emails are “old news” and won’t damage him politically: http://t.co/GkMfEjV7EQ — Talking Points Memo (@TPM) February 22, 2014 Repost This Article Now read this:NC Lawmakers Freak Out Over Voter ID Law Subpoenas (Jan 26, 2014) Christie’s Office Defies ‘Open Records’ Law, Won’t Release BridgeGhazi Emails (Jan 25, 2014) Evidence Shows […]

February 22, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Scott Walker’s Staff Demeans Mental Illness: ‘No One Really Cares About Crazy People’

Among the emails in the trove released concerning Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, concerns how his staff responded to problems at a mental health facility. Emails released this week show that in the months before the 2010 gubernatorial election, Walker, his campaign, and his Milwaukee County Executive staff coordinated regularly on their response to problems at […]

February 21, 2014 / More... ( comments)

BridgeGhazi, Move Over! Scott Walker Document Dump Paydirt

I can give you 27,000 reasons why Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker may give Chris Christie – at least in the near term – a run for his money: More than 27,000 emails were unsealed Wednesday after a years-long investigation into Scott Walker’s campaign for Wisconsin governor. And, for the first time, Walker has been directly […]

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WI Gov. Scott Walker Aide Fired For Racist, Anti-Latino Tweets

This is the second time since last summer that the Wisconsin governor has had to let someone go for this kind of public display. …Taylor Palmisano, Walker’s deputy campaign finance director, was let go Tuesday after activists pointed out her old grumpy “fuck”-filled tweets about “illegal” people who were bothering her on the bus and […]

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Asks Parents To Give Him Money Instead Of Buying Children Toys

The Wisconsin governor’s campaign put out an email telling parents that if they had their priorities straight, they’d spend their money on him rather than on their kids. ‘Instead of electronics or toys that will undoubtedly be outdated, broken, or lost by the next Holiday Season,’ a Walker re-election campaign email instructed, ‘help give your […]

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Scott Walker’s New Book: ‘Romney Did A Lousy Job’

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), who harbors a burning desire to live in the White House, has a book out soon. Because a few sitting governors write books, but every governor who’s planning a Presidential run writes a book. And this one is… special, on first blush. It capers with the breezy title, Unintimidated: A Governor’s […]

October 18, 2013 / More... ( comments)

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