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Bill Maher Erroneously Defends Rush Limbaugh Against ‘Baby’ Liberals Who ‘Don’t Get Free Speech’

Remember when Sarah Palin ran for vice president and even though she was given multiple chances she couldn’t describe the constitutional role of the vice president? That was awesome. You might also remember when Palin said the Constitution states that “our unalienable rights don’t come from man; they come from God. So this document is […]

Conservative radio icon and honorary Hutt Rush Limbaugh really, really hates it when people call him “racist.” Just ask him. He hates it so much that, two weeks ago, he went off on a rant against the very idea of a black actor portraying fictional character James Bond, not because Rush Limbaugh is racist, but […]

In the hacked Sony emails the possibility of black actor Idris Elba playing James Bond was leaked. This upset Rush Limbaugh. “James Bond is a fictional character, obviously,” Limbaugh told his listeners of the spy character created by Ian Fleming. “He was white and Scottish, period.” “I know it’s racist to probably even point this out,” […]

Rush Limbaugh thinks the left must be happy with police officers who took Eric Garner down and then choked him to death. To him, it’s always the left that is responsible for every terrible thing that happens. Limbaugh appeared on Fox News Sunday to bemoan the “grievance industry” that is “literally ripping our fabric apart.” […]

Bill Cosby, who has been largely universally admired until a pile of rape allegations surfaced, has been defended by conservative and vilified by liberals, in an odd left-right divide that should have nothing to do with the story. Rush Limbaugh accused CNN of trying to “destroy” Cosby. “Bill Cosby has numerous times in the recent […]

Rush Limbaugh has hired attorney Patty Glaser with the intention of suing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for “defamation and interference.” ,,,the Democratic Party group led a campaign against Limbaugh based on out-of-context statements the host made about sexual assault. Limbaugh’s legal team delivered a letter to DCCC representatives Monday informing them of the legal […]

Rush Limbaugh wants to know just “what really is the big deal here” about the woman in the viral video who gets catcalls and propositions as she walks through the streets of Manhattan. “I was expecting some really boorish, sexist, dangerous, I was expecting some real real rotten conduct by guys and and I didn’t […]

Rush Limbaugh is saying what I claimed he said–again. Never mind that I was accused by Limbaugh of misquoting him, which led to rightwing webbers claiming I “vilified” him.

Because this is what he does. In his national radio program yesterday, the conservative radio host read at length from a poll our sister organization, the Women’s Voices Women Vote Action Fund, released on Monday with Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps. Our poll found that, in the 12 Senate battleground states, unmarried women favor Democratic […]

Sounds like a certain someone is back on the baby blues. Either Limbaugh is high as a kite, or he’s just so desperate to find a reason why the unemployment numbers have reached the lowest point since 2008 that he’s resurrected one of the most ludicrous conspiracy theories in recent memory. This today is as […]

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