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Huckabee: Obama Lied About Gay Marriage Support

Huckabee: Obama Lied About Gay Marriage Support

Possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate says President Obama could very well be lying about his support for marriage equality. Huckabee questioned President Obama’s support for marriage equality during an appearance on Fox News on Friday, suggesting that Obama was not genuine in his belief that gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry. Describing […]

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Federal Judge Says Ohio Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages From Other States

Ohio is acting unconstitutionally by not recognizing same-sex marriages from other states, a federal judge has ruled. The decision comes in a case brought by four lesbian couples who sued the state after they were prevented from having both women’s names on the birth certificates of their children born in Ohio. The couples had legally […]

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Alabama House Wants Same-Sex Marriage Ban In U.S. Constitution

Forgetting which way history is going, and attempting to move in backwards, Alabama would like to make believe that same-sex marriage isn’t happening in America. The Alabama House of Representatives Wednesday approved a resolution calling for a convention to put a same-sex marriage ban in the U.S. Constitution. Passage of the resolution infuriated Rep. Patricia […]

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Appeals Court Bans Same-Sex Marriage In Michigan Until Wednesday

After a judge struck down Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban, the ban is, at least temporarily, back on. BREAKING: Federal appeals court suspends same-sex marriages in Michigan until at least Wednesday. — The Associated Press (@AP) March 22, 2014   Repost This Article Now read this:‘Haircut’ Cop Gets Fired (Feb 7, 2014) Michigan Fugitive Found After […]

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Judge Strikes Down Michigan’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

This is just the latest in a series of similar decisions. Federal Judge Bernard Friedman ruled Friday, two weeks after a trial. Two Detroit-area nurses who’ve been partners for eight years claimed the ban violated their rights under the U.S. Constitution… Nearly 60 percent of state voters in 2004 approved a constitutional amendment that recognizes […]

March 21, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Federal Judge Refuses Tennessee’s Request To Stop Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages

While the state challenges the initial decision to approve same-sex marriage, Tennessee will not be granted to right to stop recognizing them. U.S. District Court Judge Aleta Trauger issued a preliminary injunction last week, but Tennessee officials have appealed the temporary order to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. In addition, the state asked Trauger […]

March 20, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Republican Candidate Blamed Tornadoes, Autism, Dementia On Same-Sex Marriage, Wins Primary

Even though the Illinois Republican Party cut ties to Susanne Atanus after expressing her unusual views in the Chicago Herald, she has won the right to face Congresswoman Jan Shakowsky in the fall. “God is angry,” she told the Herald. “We are provoking him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil unions. Same-sex activity is […]

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Poll: Young Republicans OK With Gay Marriage

The divide on social issues is more generational than party-based. This is especially true on the issue of gay marriage. Sixty-one percent of Republican-leaning adults ages 18-29 say they favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, according to a Pew Research Center study released Monday. That number sharply contrasts the views of the party’s […]

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Cardinal Says Pope Wants Church To Study Gay Marriage

New York’s Cardinal Dolan said on Meet the Press that Pope Francis wants the church to look at gay marriage. According to Dolan, Francis wants church leaders to “look into it and see the reasons that have driven them.” “It wasn’t as if he came out and approved them,” Dolan said. “He said, ‘Rather than […]

March 9, 2014 / More... ( comments)

Poll: Record Gay Marriage Support

A Washington Post/ABC poll shows 59% support for gay marriage, a new high. A decade ago, in March 2004, the percentages were nearly reversed, with 59 percent opposing same-sex marriage and 38 percent supporting it. The poll finds support is greater among Democrats (70 percent) and independents (61 percent) than Republicans (40 percent). Age also […]

March 5, 2014 / More... ( comments)

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