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Virginia Christian Group Is Fasting To Oppose Gay Marriage, Except For That ‘Fasting’ Part

Virginia Christian Group Is Fasting To Oppose Gay Marriage, Except For That ‘Fasting’ Part

The Virginia Family Foundation announced a “40 Days of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance,” to fight back against same-sex marriage, but the only thing missing is the “fasting” part. You see, during this “fast” the members can still eat. Maybe they meant drive fast, or walk fast, or my favorite: Eat a sammich fast. Pink News [...]

Pastor Robert Jeffress: Gay Marriages Are ‘Counterfeit’

Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas’s First Baptist Church appeared on radio with me Monday night, and callers brought up the issue of gay marriage. Jeffress referred to such relationships as “counterfeit.” He said gay marriage “devalues the institution of marriage.” COLMES: “But how does it devalue the institution of marriage? Why would straights not get [...]

Virginia’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

The Fourth Circuit Court has struck down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage. In a 2-1 decision in Bostic v. Schaefer, a panel of the Fourth Circuit has invalidated Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage. The majority opinion was written by Judge Henry Floyd (an Obama nominee, but previously a George W. Bush choice for the district [...]

Rubio: Poor Opposers Of Same-Sex Marriage Face ‘Intolerance’

Talk about turning things around on their head. In Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s world, it’s the ones who are intolerant of gays who have to put up with intolerance. Americans who oppose same-sex marriage often face “intolerance” from those who support it, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida said Wednesday in a speech about values [...]

Conservative Christian: Stopping Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Worth Dying For’ (Video)

A Monroe County judge in Florida ruled on Thursday that two Key West bartenders and other gay couples must be allowed to marry. Of course, this means the world is coming to an end. Monroe County Chief Circuit Judge Luis M. Garcia ordered the county clerk’s office to begin issuing marriage licenses to gay couples [...]

Judge Declares Colorado Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

It’s about time to make it legal everywhere. This is what is going to happen, so why wait? Besides it’s odd that that two people can be married in part of the country, but not elsewhere. Colorado is the latest state to un-ban marriage equality. Judge C. Scott Crabtree pulled no punches in his 49-page [...]

Words ‘Husband,’ ‘Wife’ Removed From California Marriage Law

To accommodate same-sex marriage, California Jerry Brown did the right thing. “Spouse” covers all possibilities; but, expect traditionalists’ heads to explode. // Now read this:Jerry Brown: Climate Change Will Drive Mexicans North (Jul 31, 2014) Jerry Brown: We Have A ‘Religious Call’ To Embrace The Undocumented (Jul 29, 2014) Freak Lightning Storm Along California Coast, [...]

Totally Not Gay Colorado Attorney General Sues Clerk To Stop Same-Sex Marriages

Colorado’s attorney general on Thursday sued the Boulder County Clerk for refusing to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Focusing on same-sex marriage is obviously a winning strategy for Republicans because they believe stopping two people who are in love from spending their lives together will stop the Apocalypse — or something like that. [...]

Elton John: Jesus Would Have Supported Gay Marriage

And that is why the legendary singer called Pope Francis “wonderful.” A top-selling pop star and one of the world’s most prominent gay celebrities, John said the leader of the Catholic Church was a sign of hope. “He’s excited me so much by his humanity and taking everything down to the humility of faith…it’s all [...]

Appeals Court Stops Same-Sex Marriage In Indiana

The court stopped same-sex marriages until an appeal could take place. The Indiana Attorney General had turned to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago in an effort to stop same-sex marriages that have been conducted across the state since a federal judge struck down Indiana’s ban on gay marriage. Attorney General Greg [...]

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