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A Friday Night Post-Bin Laden ‘Spot The Republican Fail’

by toma This one might be pretty easy. But then the whole of reality gets easier to understand when you’re not afflicted by Pox Wingnuttia. First, are you familiar with Jake Tapper? He’s ABC’s White House correspondent. On Thursday, reporting from Ground Zero for the network evening news, he got off this tweet: 9/11 ceremony? […]

by toma Evidence and data gathered from the high-walled compound Navy SEALs breached in Sunday’s Operation Geronimo indicate Osama bin Laden remained actively involved in directing the activities of Al Qaeda. The documents taken at the Abbottabad compound, according to American officials, show that Bin Laden was in touch regularly with the terror network he […]

by toma After the political rancor generated by Gov. Scott Walker’s success in stripping Wisconsin public employees of their collective bargaining rights, activists on both sides of the aisle vowed to recall their perceived political enemies by petition. As those petitions have gotten forwarded to government authorities, the process of vetting the signatures has begun. […]

by toma George Dubya (per willferrell) Bush addresses the nation from a Sizzler off of Canyon Ranch Road. Ardilla, the turf terrorist, has been whacked with a rake and drowned: Now, a less morbid message from (former) Florida Governor Charlie Crist. Something about Morgans, insurance disputes and people: That guy’s running for president? He just […]

by toma Our conservative friends continue to act bizarrely in the wake (hah) of the Navy SEALs strike against Osama bin Laden. They’re angered and given to lecture everyone about something, but it’s largely mysterious what that actual thing is. Perhaps they feel lonely? They’re feeling left out of all the spontaneous expressions of relief, […]

by toma When your political enemy does something virtually everybody approves of, like taking out the world’s most despised mass murderer, how do you go about knocking that down? You can’t just let that go unchecked, can you? That’s a tough one — what to do? You dig up and tout an alternative narrative. And […]

by toma Where do I even begin with an assertion so bizarre? How do we assess the mental state of someone with such a marginal understanding of the history of her own country? How do we come to terms with the facts that this person was once our National Security Adviser, once our Secretary of […]

by toma For many, the attack on a Pakistan compound resulting in the death of Osama bin Laden changes the thinking about the war in Afghanistan. They say it’s time to start wrapping up the war there and to begin bringing everybody home. With bin Laden dead, the movement to get out of Afghanistan has […]

by toma With the historic killing of the world’s most-hated, most-wanted international terrorist and mass murderer, Osama bin Laden, claims of just deserts and satisfaction were to be found in abundance. But for some Americans, every golden moment has a charcoal lining. Mychal Massie: Laura Ingraham: Gateway Pundit, AKA Jim Hoft: David Limbaugh: . . […]

by toma Back in August of 2007, Senator Barack Obama, candidate for U.S. president, made it clear that Pakistan’s borders wouldn’t act as impediments to American efforts to capture or kill Osama bin Laden: “There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans… If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets […]

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