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Teen In Coma With Brain Damage After Being Tased By Cops

Bryce Masters, 17, was on his way to his friend’s house to play XBox games with him on Sunday afternoon, when unfortunately for him a woman whose name was associated with the car he was driving had an outstanding arrest warrant. As Bryce stopped in front of his friend’s house, a police car pulled in [...]

Sam Wang of Princeton isn’t following the conventional wisdom. Linda Killian at The Daily Beast reports: Wang says he thinks the Democrats have a 70 percent chance of holding control of the Senate. As of Monday afternoon, Nate Silver thinks the Republicans have a 58 percent chance of winning, and The Upshot gives Republicans a 52 [...]

Mark Dayton has jumped into the Adrian Peterson controversy, asking that the Minnesota Vikings suspend him immediately. Dayton released a statement this week saying that although this is an “awful situation,” he feels Peterson should be suspended while the legal process plays out. Here is Dayton’s full statement, courtesy of KARE 11: “It is an awful [...]

Nature does this, says the study, so we are attracted to like-smells. The researchers, led by Brown University political scientist Rose McDermott, found that conservatives and liberals smell dissimilar. While the difference is small, it is apparently significant enough that we subconsciously prefer the scent of those who vote like we do. “It appears nature [...]

Jim Bakker, whose sex scandal ended his ministry and whose fraud conviction put him in prison, is now hawking Apocalypse survival gear. On his website for his latest TV program, “The Jim Bakker Show,” the 74-year-old sells everything from bulk “End of the World Biscuits,” “Extreme Survival Bottles” — two for $57 — and extreme [...]

Secretary of State John Kerry says it’s important for the world to know what real Islam is, not the version presented by ISIS. “The military piece is one piece. It’s one component of this. It’s a critical component, but it’s only one component,” Kerry said from Paris after meeting with representatives from 26 countries to [...]

Rihanna To CBS: ‘F*ck You’

Rihanna is rightfully angry at CBS for pulling her song, “Run this town,” from its Thursday Night Football intro last week, now that it suddenly wants to put it back in this week. Why should a victim of domestic violence have to pay the price for what Ray Rice did? What was CBS thinking by [...]

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is preparing for troops on the ground. [He] told a Senate panel that the goal for American advisers is to help Iraqi forces with planning, logistics and coordinating military efforts by coalition partners to take out members of the Islamic State group. “To be clear, if we [...]

Atlantic City is not going to ever be Las Vegas, and the casino Donald Trump once called the city’s finest building (and possibly the nation’s) is no more. The Donald has left town and cut ties to its casinos. And the Plaza, like many Atlantic City casinos, has seen better days. A downward spiral that [...]

(Reuters) – The Syrian military’s air defenses would face retaliation if Syria attempted to respond to U.S. air strikes that are expected against Islamic State targets in Syria, senior U.S. officials said on Monday. President Barack Obama’s authorization of the use of American air power against Islamic State’s strongholds in Syria has raised the question [...]

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