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Physicist: You Can Unlock Your Car With Your Brain

If you hold your car’s remote up to your head you can unlock your car from farther away than the remote can do on its own. The “simple” move can unlock your car from farther away by extending the remote’s range, according to University of Nottingham retired physicist Roger Bowley. Your brain can act like […]

Update: Afghanistan’s opium poppies have hit another high in 2014: Poppy cultivation is up 7 percent and estimated opium production is up 17 percent over last year, the United Nations reports. KABUL, Afghanistan — Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Afghanistan’s new president, has basked in a warm wave of national goodwill since taking office last month. Afghans […]

The New York Daily News reports that new FDNY firefighter Jonathan Jesensky worked as Jonathan West in at least 10 gay porn films. Jonathan Jesensky, 33, starred in at least 10 gay porn films before joining the ranks of New York’s Bravest as a rookie firefighter on Tuesday. Jesensky, who also served in the Marines, […]

GARDEZ, Afghanistan — A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest in a crowd of spectators at a volleyball match in Afghanistan on Sunday, killing 45 people, a provincial official said, as foreign troops withdraw from the country after more than a decade of fighting. Mukhles Afghan, spokesman for the governor of Paktika province, said at […]

Jennifer Gable was buried as Geoffrey Gable by a family that couldn’t accept their child who lived as a transgender for the past seven years. Gone was Gable’s long, wavy brown hair and smokey eye shadow shown in several Facebook photos. In her place, friends found the body of Geoffrey Charles Gable in a suit […]

Indre Viskontas at Mother Jones writes about social scientist Paul Bloom and his book Just Babies. At the playground, I watch my 10-month-old son beeline to the center of the sandbox where there is a bright pink shovel. But before he gets there, a rambunctious 2-year-old snatches up the coveted toy first. As my son […]

Monday Open

Each day on Liberaland, we are creating new open thread so you can interact with other Liberalanders and post what you like. And use these threads to give us your feedback and suggestions. Note from Anomaly: Do not fear Mondays. It will all be over soon. (hides under bed) Now read this:Weekend Free-For-All (Nov 22, […]

An IRS watchdog has recovered approximately 30,000 Lois Lerner emails believed to have been lost. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration told congressional staffers Friday the emails belonging to the most controversial figure in the IRS controversy were located on disaster recovery tapes. The IRS told Congress in late spring that it had lost […]

Looking to help stave off advances by the Islamic State group in Iraq, the U.S. plans to begin buying $24.1 million worth of arms for Sunni Muslim tribesman. The weapons would include AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar rounds, according to a Defense Department document sent to Congress cited by Reuters. Overall, the Pentagon requested $1.6 […]

Pedro Rosales was cleaning his gun when it went off and shot 9-month-old Jessica. Police said a bullet Pedro Rosales, 47, fired from an unregistered Colt .45 handgun punched a hole into Jessica’s hip and went out her back. The gun was found inside the apartment. The baby’s mother, Jessica Aguilar, 24, told cops she […]

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