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Man Admits To ‘Gentle Sexual Intercourse’ With Beagle

Well, as long as he put it that way… Jonnie Boggess was arrested by police in Miami, West Virginia on Wednesday after admitting to having had “gentle sexual intercourse” with his beagle-mix, Piglet. According to the Charleston Daily Mail, an animal rights group tipped police off to Boggess’ behavior. He reportedly admitted to Kanawha County [...]

Lisa Flynt was drunk driving, according to the Dayton Daily News, when she slammed into a tractor trailer. Flynt’s husband, Glenn, said doctors told family that Lisa Flynt likely had a seizure before the crash. Glenn Fugate said she has a history of seizures and has had four others recently. He would not comment on [...]

Representative Steve King (R-IA) thinks that he is going to heaven when he leaves this Earth and he is just as certain that when he arrives at the Pearly Gates he will look around and find that heaven is free of homosexuals. In an interview with the Jefferson Herald on Wednesday the congressman was asked [...]

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that during the period he was developing symptoms, four people are known to have had contact with Craig Spencer, the physician who tested positive for Ebola. Cuomo mostly urged New Yorkers to keep calm and said, “The more facts you know, the less frightening the situation.” Later on in [...]

The knife is allowed because it’s part of the Sikh religion. One of the most prominent traditional elements of the Sikh faith is the carrying of a Kirpan, a sword or dagger. Several weeks ago, a Sikh family approached Gildo Rey Elementary school and notified the school that their young son would be carrying a [...]

Ebola Hits New York City

A physician has tested positive for Ebola in New York. He’d just returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea. The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers spread out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days. [...]

“We just aren’t using it,” says Pat Robertson. Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson insisted that he and others have the power to raise the dead, but lamented that people these days are withholding this special skill. Robertson, who has previously discussed dead-raising abilities, told a viewer, Margaret, that people can raise the dead when they [...]

Why is it taken for granted on the right that gays and “the church” are on opposite sides? But this is Rick Santorum: “I really believe in this subject matter at hand with the gay community that a Judeo-Christian worldview cannot survive with a worldview that is as rabidly secular as this movement is,” Santorum [...]

Odd that a male model would have a problem with gays, but one of the contestants worried he’d have to tell his friends that he lost a competition to a man in heels. Hopefully, he learned an important lesson here. A clip from the episode reveals that contestant and former football player Denzel Wells made [...]

Honey Boo Boo’s mom has been seeing 53-year-old Mark McDaniel, who just got out of jail after serving time for a 2004 conviction on child molestation, reports TMZ. Prosecutors say he molested an 8-year-old child — forcing oral sex. June was dating McDaniel at the same time he molested the child. We will not identify [...]

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