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Dave "Doctor" Gonzo is a renegade record producer, writer, reformed corporate shill, and still-registered lobbyist for non-one-percenter performing artists and musicians. He lives in a heavily fortified compound in one of Manhattan's less trendy neighborhoods.
Will Durst: T Minus 28 Months And Counting

Will Durst: T Minus 28 Months And Counting


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In which our intrepid correspondent gets all hot and bothered about something pretty far down the line. Now read this:The Right Candidate For 2016 (Jul 24, 2014) Michele Bachmann: ‘There’s A Chance I Could Run’ (Jul 23, 2014) Rick Perry’s Operation Border Photo Op (Jul 21, 2014) Chrisite [...]

MH17 Is Changing EU’s Game On Russia

This story opens with a tragically ironic detail of the global business of weapons of war: // Now read this:Two Ukrainian Planes Shot Down (Jul 23, 2014) Airlines Cancel, FAA Imposes 24-Hour Halt to Flights to Israel (Jul 22, 2014) President (Reagan) Criticizes Right Wing Response To Downed Airline (Jul 22, 2014) Steven Seagal Kicked [...]

Finally! Fan-Made 3D ‘My Little Pony’ Replicas, Penis-Free

Designed by fans, for fans, and without those anatomically accurate genitalia, because prudes… er, ahem, it’s all about the children! AV Club has the earth-shattering gender neutral scoop: Hasbro has announced a partnership with Shapeways—a retailer of user-created 3D-printed wares (read: Etsy for technophiles)—to sell My Little Pony figurines designed by amateur artists. Under the new [...]

MH17: Victims’ Bodies Leave Ukraine For The Netherlands

The expected handover of the bodies and the black boxes, and reports by international investigators of improved access to the wreckage of the airliner four days after it was shot down, takes place against calls for broader sanctions against Russia for its support for the rebellion.

MH17: Jet Wreckage Shows Signs Of Hit By ‘Fragmenting Warhead’

This little bit of news breaking late Monday at the NY Times is likely to knock even more of the macho bravado out of GOP favorite Vladimir Putin: A piece of wreckage from the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 that was shot down in eastern Ukraine last week bears telltale marks of small pieces of high-velocity shrapnel that [...]

Alleged Klan Kop Resigns

Alleged Klan Kop Resigns

A bucolic town of mostly affluent retirees in Florida has a problem: police officers who are covert members of the Ku Klux Klan. The problem has eased slightly with the firing of one officer and resignation of another. Ann Hunnewell and her central Florida police officer husband knelt in the living room of a fellow [...]

Cruz’s ‘Amnesty’ Lie Causes Politifact Truth-O-Meter Meltdown

Okay, so we exaggerate. Only slightly. Ted Cruz says Barack Obama has promised amnesty to illegal immigrants. Well, guess what? It’s beyond “pants on fire”: Cruz, addressing reporters a week before Obama asked Congress for more money and authority to make it easier to deport recent border crossers, said a survey showed that 95 percent [...]

You Just Knew Alex Jones Wouldn’t Be Able To Resist…

… espousing a conspiracy theory about Malaysian Airlines flight 17. Thankfully, the good folks at Raw Story regularly keep an eye on the notorious radio host so you don’t have to: Assembling a collection of newspaper headlines, out of context quotes, and rumors of unsourced tweets, analysts and correspondents for Alex Jones’ Info Wars have [...]

Delhi’s 30,000 Unruly Monkeys Steal Stuff, Terrorize People And Even Kill

And you thought they were adorable, entertaining little primates. Unless, of course, you saw The Hangover 2 — and even that didn’t even tell half the story. I guess Bangkok monkeys are just plain better behaved… // Now read this:Florida Man Posts Facebook Pix Of Self Pointing Gun At Head Of Cat And Dog (Jul [...]

75 Million Kids May Be Obese By 2025

As if things aren’t bad enough, here is something else to worry about… // Now read this:Man Survives 1,000 Killer Honey Bee Stings (Jul 25, 2014) Feds Spending $10 Million On Robots To Teach, Train Children (Jul 23, 2014) China Seals Off 30,000 People After Bubonic Plague death (Jul 23, 2014) HIV Breakthrough: Virus Deleted [...]

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