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Dave "Doctor" Gonzo is a renegade record producer, writer, reformed corporate shill, and still-registered lobbyist for non-one-percenter performing artists and musicians. He lives in a heavily fortified compound in one of Manhattan's less trendy neighborhoods.

Will Durst: Message, Message, Who’s Got The Message?


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In which our intrepid correspondent gets all bent out of shape. Yes, again.

The actor who made Star Trek’s Vulcan scientist a cultural icon has passed away at age 85: His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed his death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Mr. Nimoy announced last year that he had the disease, which he attributed to years of smoking, a habit he had […]

It’s a black hole 12.8 billion light years from Earth, formed just 900 million years after the Big Bang, and 12 billion times the size of the sun. Astrophysicists are lovin’ it: The extraordinary object is at the centre of a quasar – an intensely powerful galactic radiation source – with a million billion times […]

‘Top Model’ Murder Horror

A triple murder in Charlotte, North Carolina has taken the life of a contestant on the popular reality TV series ‘America’s Next Top Model': Police have arrested 19-year-old Emmanuel Jesus Rangel and charged him with 3 counts of 1st degree murder. The boyfriend, Jonathan Alvarado was 23 … and the third victim was 21-year-old Jusmar […]

… and it’s a helluva lot more money than your average “academic research grant”, to say the least: A prominent academic and climate change denier’s work was funded almost entirely by the energy industry, receiving more than $1.2m from companies, lobby groups and oil billionaires over more than a decade, newly released documents show. Over […]

Wayne Barrett, a former investigative reporter for Village Voice and now a Newsweek contributor, offers his response to Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that the President “doesn’t love America” in a deliciously blistering column at the Daily News: Rudy Giuliani knows a lot about love. Ask Regina Peruggi, the second cousin he grew up with and married, who was “offended” when Rudy later […]

Will Durst: Up Is Down


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In which our intrepid correspondent is confused by simple things like wright and rong. Now read this:Will Durst: Misremembering (Feb 6, 2015) Will Durst: Red Velvet Ropes (Feb 1, 2015) Will Durst: The New Ice Age (Jan 25, 2015) Will Durst: Je Suis Hebdo (Jan 16, 2015) Will […]

The Russian group is arguably the world’s most (in-)famous agitprop band, and their new single is inspired by a notorious incident of police brutality in the United States: The video is dark, claustrophobic and haunting – an “industrial ballad”, in the words of Pussy Riot, inspired by the death of Eric Garner and dedicated to all of those […]

It’s starting to look as if he did. Yesterday, one violent extremist was killed by police after striking at two different targets in Copenhagen, killing two and wounding at least five. This morning, we are learning not only that he was known to authorities in Denmark, but that additional arrests have been made: Armed Danish […]

Will Durst: The New Tar Pits


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In which our intrepid correspondent weighs in on another sticky subject and manages to mangle it just like always. Now read this:Will Durst: The Guiltiest Holiday (Nov 14, 2014) Will Durst: How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Sep 7, 2014) Will Durst: Tumbling Dumpsters (Aug 15, 2014) Will […]

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