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Libertarian Pundit Adam Kokesh Defends Las Vegas Shooters

Libertarian Pundit Adam Kokesh Defends Las Vegas Shooters

A former prisoner on gun charges and current libertarian radio host Adam Kokesh says the couple who killed two cops and a civilian in Las Vegas were “not necessarily unjustified.” Railing against the Southern Poverty Law Center and USA Today for acknowledging how the Millers were influenced by Kokesh, the host swore vengeance, saying that [...]

Darrell Issa Sabotages His Party’s Benghazi Investigation

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa brought to light a memo which undermines the Republican argument that the White House lied about the cause of the Benghazi attacks. ABC reports: A still-classified State Department e-mail says that one of the first responses from the White House to the Benghazi attack was to contact YouTube to [...]

Operation American Spring Promises To Drive Obama From Office Friday

“Patriots” will descend on Washington, D.C. Friday, purportedly to drive President Obama and errant lawmakers from office. “We are calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder as a start toward constitutional restoration,” said retired Army Col. Harry Riley, leader of the Operation [...]

Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt says Japan never invaded the United States because “Californians carried guns” and we shouldn’t be disarmed, per the Bible. “There is a demonic spirit of murder and suicide and abuse” behind gun control efforts, Klingenschmitt said, citing the Book of Judges to proclaim that “the Bible talks against disarming the citizens [...]

Florida Town Must Decide: Allow Satanic Prayer or Violate Supreme Court

The Supreme Court decided recently that prayer is permitted before town council meetings in a case out of Greece, NY. But that means any religion, not just the Christian religion. Well, a Florida man has decided to exercise this right the Supreme Court has given towns across the United States by asking the town of [...]

Net Neutrality Dies At Ripe Old Age Of 45

Kevin Drum laments, as the Wall Street Journal reports that the FCC has given up on ways to enforce equal access. …Google and Microsoft and Netflix and other large, well-capitalized incumbents will pay for speedy service. Smaller companies that can’t—or that ISPs just aren’t interested in dealing with—will get whatever plodding service is left for everyone [...]

Republican Sorry He Said Men Should Be Able To Rape Women If Abortion Is Legal

Maine State Rep. Lawrence Lockman didn’t exactly single out that remark, but rather gave a blanket “apology” for many thinks he said over the years that only enhance the argument that his party has a war on women. Republican state lawmaker Lawrence Lockman has only been serving in the Maine House of Representatives since 2012, [...]

Massive Hack: Two Million Facebook, Gmail And Twitter Passwords Stolen

Breaches occurred at Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and elsewhere. The massive data breach was a result of keylogging software maliciously installed on an untold number of computers around the world, researchers at cybersecurity firm Trustwave said. The virus was capturing log-in credentials for key websites over the past month and sending those usernames and passwords [...]

Oklahoma Drops National Guard Benefits For All Couples To Avoid Paying Same-Sex Couples

So, let’s punish everyone because otherwise the gays will benefit. That’s the attitude of Oklahoma. Republican Governor Mary Fallin announced that married National Guard couples will no longer be allowed benefits with the overturning of the Defense of Marriage Act. Fallin’s cop out is that the state’s Constitution limits marriage to one man and one [...]

Why Is This Soldier Hugging A Muslim Woman In A Burka?

This is a billboard on Sunset in Los Angeles, where it’s not always eady to get attention. But this is an ad for a sleep aid to stop snoring that can “keep you together” if you’re a couple. So, they’ve photographed unlikely couples. “We want to show couples that you normally don’t see in advertising,” [...]

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